I bet you’re tired of millions of SEO experts who give you nothing but promote themselves instead. I know that you are looking forward to anyone who can assist you in your troubles in SEO. Each time you try to find out why your website can’t overcome a point of 1,000 unique visitors per day, you face numerous useless articles which contain no real solution that works. But today is your day.

Finally, you have found a source of knowledge which would give you a chance to be in the TOP 10 among other popular websites since I don’t want to lie you. I want you to know the unvarnished truth about SEO. No one is about to tell you what I will. So take a bottle of beer, turn off your TV, close all the tabs in your browser and carefully read each article on this blog since I’ll reveal step by step what you need to do to promote your website and explain how to avoid many mistakes everyone does.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Alexander, but you can call me Alex. I don’t want to promote myself. Therefore, I don’t want to publish my social profiles, my bio, my achievements, and even my family name. Ask yourself, do you need all these data to be successful in SEO? All you need is a proven SEO strategy that works, isn’t it? One more thing. I want to express my feelings clearly.

So I can be rough or even use abusive speech in an attempt to explain to you how stupid could Google be (as a machine or algorithm). By the way, I’m not a native speaker. So, if you’ll find some mistakes in my articles, miss them, because my goal is to explain you the basic and advanced techniques. I don’t want to write my texts like William Shakespeare. He was a good guy, but he knew nothing about SEO. Thus, if you are ready, let’s get it started.

First, I’m not an SEO guru. I’m just a regular guy who has a huge experience in SEO. You can believe me or not, but I’ve launched numerous successful projects for myself. I’ve never worked for someone. I had no boss, no partners, etc. But I have been carefully studying how Google really works for years. What about my results? For instance, I own a project which generates 200K unique visitors daily. By the way, this project possesses 800K subscribers. Of course, you can’t believe that there is someone who owns a website with so many visitors and subscribers. However, it’s true. The first project I’ve launched was in the travel niche. It was a regular travel blog. To my surprise, I figured out that there is the more profitable niche which correlates to travel. That’s why I’ve changed my content strategy.

Unfortunately, my first web project has been hit by Panda, and later has suffered from Penguin. Generally speaking, it hasn’t been my the very first project. Previously, I’ve been trying to launch numerous blogs on Tumblr. Do you know why? This platform had a bug. In those distant times, Google had been using Page Rank to evaluate the value of any website. Tumblr allowed of getting dofollow backlinks with ease. All you needed was to like someone’s picture. That’s how you could immediately get a backlink to your own blog. As a result, numerous domains obtained PR=6, 7, and even 8. Can you believe in such miracle? However, it turned out that Tumblr is an unreliable platform for SEO. I have figured out later that all I need for SEO was WordPress.

My second project was a website devoted to a tiny niche. However, it turned out that any website on the jewelry theme might generate huge money with small traffic. All you needed was to create a project with just about 1K visitors per day. It was enough to earn a $1K / month (10K/day = 10K/month, etc.). But, as usual, there was a flaw. To survive in such niche, you would have to surpass powerful competitors. I don’t want to explain here what’s monopoly. But it was the obstacle I’ve faced here.

Later, I’ve launched various projects in different niches since I’ve discovered a good example. It was a network consisting of about 100 websites devoted to various subjects. So, I’ve decided to repeat such strategy to earn more money. Unfortunately, such approach gave me no actual results since I’ve been hit by Google one more time. The only conclusion I figured out from such situation was that I would have to create a massive project with a huge audience.

As a result, my third noticeable project was in the entertainment niche. Why did I choose such type of website? In fact, there are few niches where you might attract 100K, 200K, 500K, or even 1,000,000 unique visitors each day. That’s how I discovered the entertainment traffic. Can you believe that only one individual, having no office and employees, is capable of creating a project with 200,000 unique visitors daily? Of course, it looks unbelievable. However, it’s true. As you can see, I have some experience.

Without a doubt, one might ask: show me the proof! That’s why I don’t leave here, even my family name. I don’t want to show my projects to everyone. I can publish here numerous screenshots with statistics. However, If you don’t believe me, these data give you nothing. Instead, I suggest you read my personal SEO blog. Over time, I bet you will trust each my word. Do you know why? Because it works. In fact, there is no secret how to create a prosperous website. On the contrary, everything is simple.

The only thing you would have to understand is that it takes a lot of time and work to create a truly useful project. Unfortunately, none could protect you against Google penalty. In 2018, Google rolled out a series of new algorithm updates which has hit such websites whose owners have been using only white SEO methods for many years. If someone claims that he has a magical remedy against any Google update, he is a liar. Since 2018, everyone is in a risk group. Nonetheless, I’d like to explain to you how to protect yourself against crucial mistakes and insure yourself against another penalty from Google. Are you ready? I suggest you first read my article for beginners. After, you may choose any other you like.