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Why Is WordPress Ideal For SEO If You’re Just A Beginner?

When I’ve just started my way in online marketing, I faced a choice. My goal was to find some simple platform which might ideally fit my demands. Since I was an inexperienced webmaster, I had no idea about how to tune up my own web server, how to create a unique theme for my website, as well as how to deal with organic traffic if it becomes high. However, one thing was clear to me. I needed a solution which might allow me to attach my domain name since I realized that I’m about to create a brand instead of promoting someone’s name. As a result, Tumblr has been my first platform where I set up my first web project.

In fact, it was a good choice since Tumblr allows you to add your own domain name to a blog. The platform provides you a totally free hosting without ads. Besides, you’re free to publish your AdSense ads on your blog since Tumblr allows you to edit the HTML code. Also, the platform had a bug which facilitated to an increment of a PR (Page Rank). Yeah, that was a time when a freshman could obtain the Page Rank equal to 6 and even 7.

My first blog contained a lot of borrowed images. However, I wrote exclusive texts for my blog posts. Such approach allowed me to become popular among the Tumblr visitors. But I have not seen any increase in organic traffic from search engines. I was frustrated since I believed that Tumbler could provide me the easiest way to earn some money. On the other hand, this platform has shown me the way to my first link building strategy. Years later, I’ve realized that such approach was totally wrong and useless.

To figure out more about my issue, I started seeking for alternatives. I found three possible solutions. Unfortunately, each option was related to a self-hosted platform.

  1. WordPress;
  2. Joomla;
  3. Drupal.

Right now, I want to reveal you that the only way to earn money online is to use a self-hosted solution. But let’s come back to the platform. It’s worth noting that all platforms are suitable for your blog. However, I suggest a beginner use WordPress since all the rest are too complicated, especially Drupal. On the other hand, both Joomla and Drupal allow you to create a wide-scale project, while WordPress can’t cope with such task.

One may object, “no, WordPress is also fitted for a serious project.” Of course, you’re right. However, in that case, you must be an experienced webmaster who knows PHP as his mother tongue. Otherwise, it’s would be the best way to waste your time. But still, I have launched many massive web projects on the WordPress platform. The best one generates 200,000 unique visitors daily. However, to achieve such results you will have to tune up your web server brilliantly. Yeah, I’m talking about VARNISH, eAccelerator, PHP fast CGI caching, and, of course, NGINX. But my article is for the beginners. Therefore, I want to focus my attention on the benefits of WordPress for a newbie.

The Benefits Of WordPress

  • Easy to install;
  • Easy to set up;
  • The best interface among all the competitors;
  • Thousands of themes;
  • The best community of developers;
  • A lot of plugins;
  • The framework which was made for SEO.

However, speaking about WordPress, also worth noting that there is an easy solution if you don’t want to care about your stability. There are lots of offers on the market. Numerous companies eager grant you a solution that your WordPress blog will be working fast and steady. I suggest you use WPEngine if you don’t want to tune up everything by yourself. However, you must be ready to pay $100/month for only 1,000 unique visitors daily. But for my readers, I want to reveal a strategy how to pay only $5/month. I’ll explain more in my future article “How to host your massive web project for as less as $5/month.” By the way, you may use WordPress.com as well. But if your goal is money (I mean AdSense or profit from various partner programs), I don’t recommend you such approach.


Almost every hosting provider will provide you a one-click installation of WordPress. This PHP framework is the most common in the world. Therefore, nearly every hosting company attempts to attract clients by assisting them in easy installation of this framework. Like many others, I can’t say the same about Joomla or Drupal.


Even if you do your installation and setup manually, all you need is only edit wp-config.php and follow the further instruction. As a result, even a housewife is capable of coping with this task.


Speaking about an interface, WordPress is the de-facto standard for any PHP framework. With each new version, the developers make all the functions ever more affordable.

WordPress Themes

Right after installation, you receive access to thousands of themes. You can change your design to any other you want with just one click. There is nothing more to explain.


No one platform provides you such community support as WordPress. Furthermore, this feature is vital to your security since you create a self-hosted project. The WordPress team rapidly reacts to any discovered back holes and bugs. As a result, you might be sure that the WordPress core capable of resisting many attacks. However, due to the popularity of this framework, almost every attack is targeted to the WordPress websites. Bear this fact in mind.


This feature is the most winning in WordPress. Thanks to thousands of plugins, you may tune up your web project as you want. Each plugin is easy to install. However, also worth mentioning that every plugin author is always trying to avoid issues. Therefore, you might face a speed reduction due to additional CSS implementation, etc. We’ll discuss this issue later (in the next article).

SEO Benefits

Initially, WordPress, as it is, is optimized for SEO. I regard this feature as one of the best benefits of this framework. But I’d recommend you use Yoast SEO plugin to increase your SEO visibility in search engines, especially Google. In fact, all you need to forget about the most common issues with SEO is to install and set up this plugin for WordPress. This action is enough for the beginner. Otherwise, you’ll need to learn more about some advanced SEO technics. I, personally, use WordPress. However, I feel lack of functions in this framework for some my web projects. Therefore, I study PHP and Javascript since the only way for me to accomplish my ideas is to be totally independent in my wishes. However, for a beginner, WordPress gives such power which he never dreamt about.


Within this article, I didn’t pursue a goal to explain how WordPress works. On the contrary, I aimed to convince you to use this framework. I have no hidden purpose promote WordPress. I just want to show my readers the easiest way to start their online business and learn SEO as simple as it only could be. In my next articles, I’ll reveal you millions of details how to set up your WordPress installations for the best SEO practice. After all, if I managed to create a web project with 200,000 unique visitors a day and 800,000 subscribers while using only WordPress and its plugins, you are able to do the same! Keep reading my SEO blog to learn more.

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