Why Do I Hate Google

Why Do I Hate Google As A SEO Expert Or Ten Flaws Of Google Ranking Algorithm, Of Its Services, And Its Attitude To Webmasters

Years of experience allowed me to define what Google is and is not. Since I’ve spent a lot of time trying to realize how the search engine works, I believe I have a right to express my feelings about such injustice that Google applies to its webmasters. Of course, there is nothing perfect in the world, and Google is not an exception. Nonetheless, in my opinion, the company must be responsible for its mistakes. Meanwhile, I’ve noted numerous severe flaws in Google algorithm. One may ask, what is the reason to write this article? In a nutshell, this article will allow you to understand the most dangerous bugs in the search engine and avoid thereby the common mistakes. Unfortunately, Google wasn’t able to cope with these errors in the ranking algorithm. Therefore, I hope that someday someone from Google pays attention to my article.

I want you to take a look at these ten reasons, before starting your way in a white hat SEO; I hope the data below might be useful for you.

  1. Google can’t define the origin of the content;
  2. Google isn’t able to see the difference between bad and good backlinks;
  3. The Google DMCA team works having no common sense;
  4. Google doesn’t care about the webmasters (but takes care only of the visitors instead);
  5. Google encourages the market’s monopolists but kills small business instead;
  6. Google doesn’t allow freshman to deserve his place under the sun;
  7. Google doesn’t care about the explanation when you’ve been penalized;
  8. Google Webmaster Tools are awful when it relates to backlinks and position tracking;
  9. Each day, Google makes things more complicated;
  10. Google rolls out too many algorithm updates;

Google can’t define the origin of the content

A sad fact, but if you’ve spent ten years while trying to write original content, you’re still can’t sleep calmly, since Google can’t define that the content belongs to you.

Do you know the most straightforward way for an ill-wisher to destroy your website? We call it mirroring, the case when someone makes a full copy of your project. The only difference is the domain name. In that case, Google starts considering your content unoriginal. Are you shocked? It’s true! One may ask, are you kidding me? No, I don’t. If your website doesn’t have enough backlinks, it doesn’t matter for Google what is the primary source. In any case, you’ll face with Google Panda. Even if someone borrows a paragraph of your original article, Google will decide to punish your project. Another example is when an unscrupulous webmaster changes some words of your original work. In such case, Google treats his content as original.

Google isn’t able to see the difference between bad and good backlinks

This case is similar to the previous one. If some fake search engine, for instance, managed to discover your new website, you’ll get numerous backlinks. All the backlinks are natural. However, Google doesn’t care about that fact. Even if some ill-wisher makes a full copy of your website (as described above), you’ll obtain a bunch of backlinks from his domain. As a result, Google Penguin is your next guest. Finally, even if you never took care of your backlink profile, eventually, Google will punish you for unnatural backlinks. The only way to avoid penalties from Google is to be among the well-known media outlets or in the ALEXA TOP 1,000 websites.

The Google DMCA team works having no common sense

Let’s imagine (God forbid!) that a villain has mirrored your website. In that case, you will have to write a DMCA complaint. However, if you think that this guy will be punished, don’t be so naive. Of course, it could be. But prior, you will have to prove that you are the one who owns the content. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task. In my practice, I faced a lot of injustice from the side of the Google DMCA team. I was forced to explain them the simplest things such as the date of domain registration.

If for you it’s evident that if your domain’s creation date is dated back in 2006 while the guy who has stolen your content has just created his domain, for Google you’re still guilty. In my case, I was unable to prove my innocence. So, I was forced to contact both hosting provider and domain registrant of the ill-wisher, to eliminate the issue. Meanwhile, Google spokespeople from the DMCA team have rejected my complaint. I consider such attitude as total lack of fairness.

Google doesn’t care about the webmasters (but takes care only of the visitors instead)

Everyone knows that Google does everything for its visitors. Who doubt, these guys give the company the profit. However, we, webmasters, are the elements of the chain as well. Why doesn’t Google care about us? We don’t have even a way to contact the support team. What am I talking about? Google doesn’t have the support for webmasters at all. The only way to communicate with someone from Google is via Google AdSense. However, this subsidiary deals only with your issues related to earnings, not organic traffic. As a result, the only way to define and solve your problems is to communicate with each other on specialized forums and read the SEO blogs.

Google does encourage the market’s monopolists but kills small business instead

Remember one thing; never try to compete with a monopoly. You will defeat in any case. Google is a monopolist. As a result, the company strongly encourages other monopolists. Previously, Google was better. The search giant has introduced the behavior factor of ranking. Such approach allowed many honest webmasters to compete with business sharks. But this factor was eliminated by the end of 2016. Thus, currently, there is no advantage for a single webmaster to compete with the monsters of the Google SERP.

Initially, Google was trying to encourage those webmasters who created their websites in thin niches to fill the gap of lack of content in that area. But presently, all the long-tail keywords are spread between the monopolists who have more backlinks than you. My conclusion is that Google returned to the roots; it seems that they look only at PageRank in 2018 (I would be happy to be wrong).

Google doesn’t allow freshman to deserve his place under the sun

This point follows from the previous one. If you’re a freshman webmaster in 2018 and has no round B investments, your chance to create a massive web project are close to zero. Previously, before December 2018, you had a chance to accomplish whatever idea. But now you have no such opportunity since the market is divided between the monopolists. The only way to survive is to produce lots of quality content in the immense quantity. You will have to post about one hundred articles a day within 2-3 years to win your place under the sun. Otherwise, you’ll be happy having 1,000-5,000 visitors a day.

Google doesn’t care about the explanation when you’ve been penalized

Even if you broke the rules in real life, you would be forced to visit the court. Before, you must be notified of a crime you committed. In the case of Google, no one explains you your mistake. Your website just starts losing organic traffic from Google. At least, I want to know, what my mistake is? Why has Google punished my web project? What I need to do to improve my ranking. Recently, Google announced that they would later call all the new algorithm updates, Fred. In other words, they now even don’t care about the name of the update and thereby don’t want to reveal its aim. As a result, you remain wholly unprotected after the penalties, without any explanation.

Google Webmaster Tools are awful, especially, when it relates to backlinks and position tracking

Why do you think every experienced webmaster uses SemRUSH and AHrefs? The answer is: because Google Webmaster Tools are utterly useless. Why do I need to use a third-party tool if Google has a native service to track down positions and backlinks? Once again, WMT is awful. This tool doesn’t provide me any actual data about my website’s ranking and backlinks dynamics. Hey, Google, listen to me! AHrefs uses Google Big Data to track down the backlinks, why your engineers can’t do the same?

Every day Google makes things more complicated

While Apple is trying to make things simple, Google’s task is to blow my mind. Why the corporation can’t simplify everything for us, webmasters? Why every day we face troubles from Google? The company works exclusively for visitors, but have no approach to webmasters. At least, there must be one official spokesman from Google on Google Products Forum. Why Google only punishes, but never encourages? It’s time to create a support service for webmasters, isn’t it?

Google rolls out too many algorithm updates

Please, Google, stop! We are bored with your strategy. Please give us at least three months to work on our projects, not for your updates. We want peacefulness for a while. We are webmasters. Our goal is to perfect our website, not to deal with your absurdness. After all, we want to be perfect, but please don’t bother us.


As you may see, Google is not so perfect as you could imagine before. The search engine, as well as the company behind the Google brand, has lots of lacks. I’ve tried to reveal just a small piece of the Google imperfection. Believe me; there are much more things to discuss. But currently, I hope you take all the data above into account before starting your way in the white hat SEO. Good luck! I hope you were luckier than me.

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