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The Only Acceptable & Free Alternative To Google Analytics

Without a doubt, Google Analytics is a de facto standard in the world of SEO. I bet you’ve tried to find an alternative to this useful tool. However, all your attempts concluded without a result. Of course, you’re aware of Matomo (previously known as Piwik), Clicky, Open Web Analytics, and other solutions. But each of them doesn’t meet your demand. Also worth noting that there are a lot of advanced paid solutions. Nonetheless, you are seeking for something easy and similar to the GA. Luckily, I may suggest you one secret traffic tracking system you never heard before.

You could object, “I can’t believe you; I’ve been studying the TOP 200 Google SERP, there is nothing you can surprise me.” But I still claim that there is one solution you missed. But first, let’s try to figure out what’s wrong with Google Analytics? Why are you trying to find another way to track your website visitors? Besides, the solution described below is free.

The Flaws Of Google Analytics

Undoubtedly, Google Analytics is an excellent product. This tool allows you to do everything with your data. However, to be honest, this instrument is too complicated. As a regular webmaster, all you need is only track your visitors, define search queries, learn bounce rate, traffic sources, time spent on your website, device type, etc. On the other hand, if you’re an experienced webmaster, you need something more than tools described above.

Google Analytics gives you all the necessary to analyze your traffic. But at the same time, you need to spend years to learn how each GA report works. Besides, if you’re going to find an alternative, there is something in this tool that makes you crazy. So, where is the option?

Welcome To Yandex.Metrica

Yandex Metrica

Have you ever wondered that there are few countries which don’t use Google? I’m talking mostly about China and Russia. Perhaps you know some Chinese brands such as WeChat or Taobao. However, unlike Chinese, Russians know English. As a result, they adapt their products for English speaking visitors. In Russia, people mostly use Yandex, an alternative to Google. Fortunately, there is an alternative to Google Analytics in this country called Yandex.Metrica as well. This tool is almost similar to the GA as for its functionality. At the same time, Yandex.Metrica possesses simple interface where all the essential functions are visible while the advanced ones are hidden. Nonetheless, you might use all the power of the tool in advanced reports.

How To Register In Yandex.Metric?

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that Yandex.Metrica is totally free. All you need is to follow this link for registration. By the way, such prominent non-Russian brands like Raiffeisen BANK and Hyundai use Yandex.Metrica for their needs. So you won’t feel yourself an outcast. Doesn’t matter who’ve created this product. Why don’t use the tool if it’s free and useful? Besides, Yandex.Metrica possesses almost the same functionality as Google Analytics. Moreover, this tool generates some advanced reports which GA doesn’t.

What’s Inside?

Yandex Metrica interface
Yandex Metrica interface (screen # 2)

If you’re not ready to join this service (though it’s free), you might take an inside look at the interface. In my opinion, the interface of Yandex.Metrica even surpass those of GA. The dashboard presents all you need for your everyday work with traffic. I don’t want to dig deeper into all the features of this tool since I don’t know what your purposes to seek an alternative to Google Analytics are. My goal is to show you that there is such an alternative!


Indeed, it’s difficult to find an alternative to such perfect tool as Google Analytics. Nevertheless, there is another product in the market capable of satisfying your demand called Yandex.Metrica. It could be an almost unreal task to discover such alternative since the solution doesn’t belong to the English speaking area of the Internet. Fortunately, such solution exists. I hope you appreciate Yandex.Metrica because it’s genuine quality product. Once again, this solution is free. Therefore, you don’t lose anything.

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