Natural Backlinks For Free

How To Get Natural Backlinks For Free?

How much time have you spent while reading boring articles that promised you to reveal a secret about how to get backlinks? Many authors write about guest blogging. Some SEO gurus suggest you find blogs with dofollow comments. Finally, a lot of websites offer you to purchase backlinks for your project. Unfortunately, all the methods described above are useless. Luckily, there is only one reliable way to get backlinks. To your surprise, I’m talking about natural backlinks. Of course, you may argue: I’ve just started my blog/project; how can I get natural links, having no external resources?

In fact, you’re right. It’s a vicious circle. To obtain backlinks, you have to be on the first page of the Google SERP. On the other hand, how can you appear in the TOP 10 if you have no backlinks? The answer is simple, though it seems complicated. Google will provide you the so-called long-tail keywords if you publish quality content. Of course, these low-competitive keywords would give you weak traffic. At the same time, it’s your chance to get lots of natural backlinks. Unfortunately, there is no other way to create a quality backlink profile. But how to get the right attitude of Google to your web project? Previously, we talked about your content strategy. I gave you many hints for a successful website. But now it’s time to dig deeper into this topic.

First, you have to understand what I mean by the term “long-tail keywords.” Even if you are an experienced webmaster, I nonetheless suggest you read this paragraph. Each freshman makes a widespread mistake while trying to optimize his website for a high-frequency and highly competitive keyword. Nothing is terrible in such approach; however, it’s entirely wrong. You can’t reach even the TOP 100 if we are talking about high competition. Instead, I suggest you try to forget about the keywords at all. All you need is just creating quality content. Google, as well as any other search engine, will give you organic traffic, using the keywords you have never heard about.

For instance, you’re a fan of Tom Cruise. You adore this actor, and thus you have a personal blog devoted to his life. Of course, your goal is to be in the 1st place among all other websites by a keyword “Tom Cruise.” Unfortunately, your goal is unattainable. Any experienced webmaster would tell you; this is totally unreal. However, I bet it’s real. All you need is to focus your attention on some detail about Tom Cruise (to find a niche).

For example, you know that this actor relates to the Church of Scientology. If you type “Tom Cruise” in Google, you might discover the article titled “Scientology, Tom Cruise, and Katie Holmes…” So, if your website is about Scientology, you have published over 1000 articles on the subject, and one of them is about Tom Cruise, you have a chance to appear in the TOP 10 in Google. Of course, first, it could be some query such as “Does Tom Cruise attend the Church of Scientology?”

Even given the fact that this keyword relates to long-tail, you’ll face numerous serious competitors such as The Daily Beast, Business Insider, etc. Each such website consists of thousands and even millions of pages. However, among them, you might stumble upon the personal blog of a journalist, Tony Ortega, who writes about the Church of Scientology. Tony’s website consists of only 3,920 pages. On the other hand, this personal blog competes with the incredibly popular media outlets with millions of pages.

You may ask, how it relates to my website? Let’s come back to Tony Ortega. If his page about Tom Cruise manages to climb onto the 1st place in the SERP by this long-tail query, over time, it will receive numerous natural backlinks. When it happens, Google should give a chance to Tony’s article to compete with other projects by a midrange keyword, such as “Tom Cruise and Scientology.” Finally, if Tony’s blog post gains success in this search query, this article might climb onto the 1st place and get much more backlinks. Eventually, this article will get a chance to be in the TOP 10 by the search query “Tom Cruise.”

It is an example how the white SEO works. So, you don’t need to care about backlinks at all. All you need is to focus your attention on your content. Of course, numerous other factors affect your positions in the SERP. Nevertheless, I want you to learn the basics. The only way to get natural backlinks for a young website is to receive them from the long-tail keywords. Don’t worry about which exact keywords you should promote; Google is already thinking about it.


There are numerous ways to obtain backlinks for your web project. However, I suggest you don’t waste your time using black methods. In the long run, only one approach does work. To be closer to your goal you should first do a lot of work. Google will undoubtedly reward you with organic traffic. In any case, I want to sum up what you learned from this article.

  1. Don’t think about highly-competitive keywords;
  2. Find a niche for your website which might cover at least 5,00-1,000 articles;
  3. Google evaluates how your entire website is relevant to a particular search query;
  4. The 1st place by a long-tail keyword gives you a chance to receive some natural backlinks;
  5. These links allow Google to consider that your website is ready to compete with other web projects by mid-competitive keywords;
  6. Once you are becoming #1 by a midrange search query, you receive a chance to get into the TOP 10 by a highly-competitive keyword;
  7. Finally, don’t think it might happen tomorrow; as a rule, it takes about half a year to jump between 1st and 2nd phases. You need at least two years to be in the TOP 10 by your desired highly-competitive search query.
  8. Eventually, I want you to be a realist. There is no other simple way to get backlinks. Unfortunately, naturally, it takes a lot of time and work. But the reward might be much better than you could even imagine.

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