How to estimate the exact website traffic

How to estimate my rival’s website traffic and what SEO tools to use?

I know that you have already studied a lot of articles on the subject. Therefore, right now, I want to surprise you that unlike other authors I’d like to reveal you at least one method how to estimate the exact traffic of your competitor’s website.

In spite of this, I’d suggest you read the entire article since such an approach works not for all sites, but for a vast majority of notable projects. Besides, the best way to gather the most accurate data is to use all the tools together. Are you ready? Let’s get it started.

There are numerous reasons why you might need to define how much traffic a particular website has.

As a rule, your goals are the following:

  • You want to acquire a website
  • You want to know how strong is your competitor
  • You’re about to buy an ad placement on this website

In any case, you aim to get the most accurate data about the number of visitors who visit this web project.

Generally speaking, there are at least two most straightforward ways to cope with such a task without any tools.

  • Ask the owner of the website directly
  • Search for the page titled “Advertise with us” since many website owners are seeking for the direct advertisers and thereby reveal their statistics

In other cases, you will have to use various tricky and sophisticated methods and tools to evaluate the number of visitors.

What tools to use?

Now it’s time to talk about your toolkit. In fact, there are three types of tools each webmaster must have in its arsenal. I claim that each instrument is essential, even if you know the exact amount of organic traffic of your competitor.

Depending on the accuracy, there are the tools for:

  • Rough estimation
  • Close estimation
  • Exact estimation

A rough estimation of your rival’s website organic traffic


If you want to evaluate the place of your competitor’s website in the world, I’d suggest you use ALEXA. I think that you’re acquainted with this tool. However, few know how to use ALEXA with just one click.

If you use Google Chrome, I have exciting news for you. All you need to track down the ALEXA rank of your competitor is to install the Open SEO Stats plugin for Chrome.

By the way, aside from the ability to detect the ALEXA rank of a website, you might use this tool to gather a vast amount of additional info.

Open SEO Stats | ALEXA Screen
Open SEO Stats | Advanced Features

Why is rough estimation essential?

Thanks to the ALEXA tool you will be capable of evaluating the trend of your rival’s website. If you look up at the graph, which ALEXA illustrates, you may see the ups and downs of your competitor.

Such statistics might allow you to foresee both uptrend and downtrend of your rival, as well as to define whether there is any penalty that Google applied to this website?

Also worth noting, that such approach is the easiest way to detect how serious your rival is, thanks to just one click.

What else ALEXA able to reveal you about your rival?

Despite the fact that the data are rough, you, nonetheless, could use this tool to estimate the following statistics:

  • Global rank of the website in comparison with other sites
  • Rank is the particular country
  • Estimated Unique Visitors ($)
  • Estimated Visits ($)
  • Estimated Pageviews ($)
  • Visits per Visitor ($)
  • Pageviews per Visit ($)
  • Monthly Pageviews per Visitor ($)
  • Audience Geography
  • Bounce Rate
  • Daily Pageviews per Visitor
  • Daily Time on Site
  • What percentage of visits to this site come from a search engine
  • Top Keywords from Search Engines
  • Total number of backlinks
  • Audience Demographics
ALEXA | Traffic Ranks
ALEXA | Audience Geography by country
ALEXA | Audience Engagement
ALEXA | SE Traffic
ALEXA | Keywords
ALEXA | Backlinks
ALEXA | Audience Geography

You can get all these data with just one click if you use the plugin for Google chrome described above, as well as a lot of useful stuff provided by the Open SEO Stats tool itself.

Similar Web

There is another tool which possesses the similar functionality called SimilarWeb. But I prefer to use ALEXA + Open SEO Stats since it’s extremely fast.

Close estimation of your rival’s website organic traffic

There are two advanced tools that I use to evaluate the organic traffic of my competitors and do a lot of useful stuff as well.

  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush

Both tools are excellent. However, in my opinion, Ahrefs is more accurate versus Semrush.

How to use Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is the incredibly powerful tool made for tracking down the backlinks of your rival. However, the guys who stand behind Ahrefs have introduced a lot of additional tools that allow you to estimate your rival’s organic traffic.

AHREFS | Organic Search

To define the number of visitors, all you need is to click on the tab titled “Organic search.” By the way, you might also learn more about paid search traffic. Wow! That’s incredible!

This tool will show you:

  • How many visitors attend a particular website a month (approx.)
  • How much organic keywords this website has
  • TOP 5 of your rival’s keywords that bring him the vast majority of organic traffic
  • TOP 5 pages that bring most organic traffic to a target website
  • Also, you may separate the organic traffic by country.
AHREFS | Organic Keywords

If you click on the link “Organic Keywords” in the left sidebar, you may get a detailed report about a particular keyword and how much organic traffic this keyword generates.

AHREFS | Organic Keywords by Country
AHREFS | Organic Keywords [Advanced Report]
AHREFS | TOP 5 Organic Keywords

AHREFS | TOP 5 Pages

How to use Semrush

Semrush is a tool that similar to Ahrefs. In my opinion, unlike Ahrefs Semrush is more oriented to estimate the website traffic. However, their statistics updates not so frequently; as a result, it is less accurate.

SEMRUSH | Organic and paid traffic

However, Semrush possesses its unique features. For instance, this tool may showcase you how much traffic a particular website garners for mobile devices. Another feature is that Semrush tracks down Google’s algorithm updates, and displays them in the organic traffic estimation graph.

SEMRUSH | Mobile Traffic

This feature is essential if you want to realize whether any Google’s algorithm update hit your rival. In other words, you may see on the diagram the date when your rival’s organic traffic started to increase or decrease. Finally, thanks to Semrush, you can analyze numerous competitors simultaneously.

SEMRUSH | Google Algorithm Updates

It’s your choice which instrument is best fits you. The more important that both tools might assist you with evaluation of your competitor’s organic traffic.

SEMRUSH | Organic Search Positions

Exact estimation of your rival’s website organic traffic

Finally, I will reveal you one secret tool few webmasters heard about. I’m talking about Quantcast. This tool allows you to look up at the exact stats of your rival if he is registered in this measurement system.


One may ask, why a webmaster need to reveal such secret data to others? The answer is simple. Quantcast is the best way to showcase your statistics to a potential ad buyer without providing him the deep details from the Google Analytics report. Generally speaking, a lot of popular websites use Quantcast, but their owners don’t want to share this curious detail with you.

Well, let’s take a look at the Quantcast report. Though the data in the report are not complete, they are precisely accurate. These statistics are equal to those of Google Analytics. The only difference is that you can’t see the advanced reports.

Thanks to Quantcast you can learn:

  • The exact amount of organic traffic generated by a particular website
  • You can look up on any day since the moment when a webmaster of the site included the Quantcast metrics in the code
  • You can browse uniques, visits, and views
  • You may observe how much organic traffic came from the United States and all around the world
  • Also available:
  • Demographics
  • Cross-Platform traffic
  • Audience Engagement
  • Shopping Interests
  • Media Interests
  • Business & Occupation
  • General Interests
  • Geographic
  • Political Interests
Quantcast | Traffic Report
Quantcast | US Traffic & The Rest of The World
Quantcast | Cross Platform Traffic
Quantcast | Engagement
Quantcast | Demographic
Quantcast | General Interests
Quantcast | Geographic report
Quantcast | Political Interests

However, it’s worth noting that some projects don’t want to share some of these data. Nonetheless, the initial report, which showcases the organic traffic is always available.

Moreover, thanks to Quantcast, you may look up at the giant list of the world’s most visited websites. If you discover the big “Q” logo in front of a site, this means that its statistics are public.

Quantcast | Top Sites With Exact Traffic Amount

By the way, if you don’t believe that these data are accurate, read what Quantcast writes about their Measurement.

These properties allow Quantcast to monitor their traffic with Quantcast Measurement. Therefore, traffic numbers for these sites are highly accurate and not estimated.


Today, you have learned at least three ways how to estimate the value of your competitor’s organic traffic. Each approach is applicable depending on the situation. As I promised above, I even managed to show you the way of the exact calculation of the organic traffic.

Of course, you may object that not each webmaster shares his data. On the other hand, it could be totally not interested if you might look up at everyone’s statistics. Therefore, my goal was to showcase you the methods. By combining all these techniques, you may learn too much data about your rival you couldn’t even imagine.

But please bear in mind, you need time to study all these instruments, especially, when it relates to Ahrefs and other tools that provide you a close estimation of your rival’s website traffic. Over time, the usage of these tools will turn into your everyday routine. I hope this article was useful for you.

If you’re an experienced webmaster and know more advanced tools that might assist in the estimation of the organic traffic, please leave your links in the comments. I mean useful links to these instruments, not to your website. Thank you for reading.

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