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How Could SEO Help Your Online Business Or Ten Benefits Of Search Engine Optimization For An Entrepreneur

Everyone is talking about SEO. But how could SEO affect your revenue? No matter what your business is, I bet you have a website. Therefore, without a doubt, you have been asking yourself these questions:

  • Why do you need SEO for your website?
  • What is search engine optimization and how does it work?
  • What are the benefits of search engine optimization?
  • What are the different types of SEO techniques?
  • How do I get my business higher on google?
  • How do I optimize my business on Google?
  • What is the difference between SEO and paid advertising
  • and other vital questions

There are a lot of topics on the subject. But many business owners are accustomed to the old-school marketing. As a result, SEO seems to be somewhat frightening for them.

To be honest, in fact, SEO is a bit tricky for a beginner. However, unlike a blockchain or smart contracts, search engine optimization is accessible for understanding. There is nothing inconceivable in such an approach to online marketing. So, if you want to learn more about SEO, I suggest you read my comprehensive article that thoroughly covers the subject.

However, for now, I’d like to explain you the essential advantages of SEO:

  1. Despite the fact that SEO is costly, it could be almost free if you know the basics
  2. Most modern platforms/frameworks are SEO-friendly if you know how to tune them up correctly
  3. You might use SEO conjointly with paid advertising since both approaches don’t exclude each other
  4. You can’t compete with your rivals without SEO skills in the modern world
  5. If you have a budget and lots of human resources, there is nothing complicated in SEO
  6. In the long-term, SEO is more profitable than online/offline advertising
  7. SEO dethrones other methods of advertising
  8. You don’t need to regard SEO as a marketing tool since it’s a marketing strategy instead
  9. SEO is the fastest way to improve your reputation in both online and offline business
  10. Finally, SEO is the only natural way to attract customers versus other online marketing techniques

Now I want to take a closer look at each item on the list to define the benefits of SEO for your online business.

You need to learn the basics to reduce your expenses for SEO

In fact, SEO could cost nothing if you know the basics of such a kind of online marketing. As an entrepreneur, you know that the only way to reduce costs is to delve into the topic.

On my SEO blog, I pursue the educational goals. The reason why I’ve created this website is to educate people like you to get acquainted with SEO. I don’t want to promote any of my articles, but each of them contains many secrets which might help you reduce your outlay for SEO.

You need to realize that those people who stand behind the world of SEO are technical specialists. As a result, to learn SEO, you should understand how to speak with them in their language.

Any science starts from the terminology. Unfortunately, in fundamentally, SEO is science instead of a technique or approach. Thus, you need to bear in mind that you won’t be able to communicate even with your marketing director if you don’t understand such a vocabulary. It won’t take a lot of time to read some useful articles on my blog.

I’d like to leave links to some of them here:

I know that you see some of these links in a sidebar and among the recommended articles. But I think that it’s necessary for you to get acquainted with these ten topics.

Summing up, even if you own an enterprise, it won’t be superfluous to understand the fundamental principles of search engine optimization.

Use the modern platform for your company blog or web project but pay attention to details

Needless to say that almost all the modern blog platforms and e-commerce frameworks are SEO-friendly. The only thing you should care about is how to tune them up correctly.

For instance, if you use WordPress as a blog platform for your company’s website, your SEO visibility very depends on a layout you use and plugins you install.

Both Joomla and Drupal are SEO ready as well. However, any inexperienced SEO expert could destroy your business because of the wrong usage of a theme or plugins. Let me give you an example.

Most likely, you own an online store, and it’s necessary for you to convince your visitors to rate your goods. I suppose that you want to see a star rating in the rich snippet. Yeah, we call it the “rich snippet.”

Such a feature allows the pages of your website to stand out in the backdrop of others. However, it could be dangerous if your SEO expert made an error while tuning up the microdata of your pages. As a result, I don’t rule out that Google might downgrade your online store in the SERP.

As you may see, such a detail as microdata which would seem minor could dramatically affect your ranking. On the other hand, if everything is okay with your microdata markup, your rich snippet would attract more visitors versus your rivals who don’t have it.

Summing up, despite the fact that all the modern platforms are SEO-friendly, you should find an expert capable of integrating all the essential plugins correctly.

SEO facilitates paid advertising

I know that you desire the immediate results. That’s why you use Google AdWords or another ad network to promote your product. However, I’d recommend you to combine both paid and free traffic.

We call the free traffic “organic.” Generally speaking, your primary goal is to garner visitors to your website naturally. Nothing is wrong with such an approach when your potential customer clicks on an ad. But this way, you’re trying to force a client to visit your online store.

Instead, you can optimize your pages in such a way that the visitors could attend your online store naturally. Let me give you another example.

For instance, you own a travel agency, and your goal is to convince your potential client to buy a ticket for a Caribbean cruise.

I bet it’s complicated to compete with Royal Caribbean Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Viking Ocean Cruises, and other ad buyers. Isn’t it?

Instead, I’d suggest you write and promote an article as The Thrillist website did. Matt Meltzer wrote an article titled “The Best Caribbean Cruise Destinations For Your Next Itinerary.

If you’ll write an article similar to that on an example described above, it’s your chance to attract the potential buyers who are not ready to purchase a tour right now but are about to do that in the future. We call it the “organic traffic.”

So, even if you show your ads directly on Google, it won’t be superfluous to optimize your website for organic traffic. On the contrary, both approaches would allow you to gather much more target audience.

Summing up, SEO is useful for your business even if you’re an ad buyer.

SEO is your advantage over a competitor

If your rival has not estimated all the benefits of SEO yet, it’s your chance to surpass him.

You need to comprehend that the synonym of SEO is naturalness. Unlike the paid ad, you don’t need to convince your customer to buy something. On the contrary, he is seeking for your goods.

I’m talking now about the big difference between the ad and organic traffic. You don’t need to force a consumer to purchase your stuff. He is going to do it naturally, without enforcement. You can’t cope with the task without SEO both online and offline.

That’s why if your competitor works online and uses only paid ads while you’re using SEO, you will always be one step ahead. Isn’t it what you want for your business.

In other words, if your rival doesn’t use SEO, he stuck in the 20th century.

SEO is simple if you have a budget and many human resources

The only obstacle on the way to success in Google SERP is content. It’s complicated for a small business to produce a lot of material for a website.

Why do you think most of the websites in ALEXA TOP 100 are those that have a lot of content such as media outlets and entertainment portals?

The answer is that they have tons of published material. I don’t talk only about blog posts; I also mean video content uploaded to YouTube, audio podcasts, images, graphic art, infographics, etc.

So if you own an enterprise or you work for a big company and possess thereby lots of human resources and some budget, it is not a big deal for you to create tons of fascinating content.

Remember, people mostly use the Internet for amusement, not for buying goods. But while they are having fun, it’s the best time to showcase them your product. Am I wrong? Think about it a little bit.

Summing up, if you have enough resources, SEO would be easy for you. Just imagine, how much time must I spend writing 1,000 articles on my blog. But if you have 100 employees in your marketing division, they could cope with such a task for a week. That’s why I attempt to convince you to try SEO if you have a human resource.

SEO is advantageous in the long-term

I don’t want to lie to you, SEO is a tedious process. However, in the long-term, all your expenses as pecuniary as well as human won’t be in vain. You always win if you use SEO for your online business since, in the future, such strategy will be working for years.

Your goal is not to miss a chance. Currently, the Internet contains millions of websites. As a result, if you don’t hurry up, it might be too late. I see a lot of companies which use their sites as a visiting card. These entrepreneurs don’t care about the organic traffic. It looks like they want to say to a partner “Look, what a perfect my website is.” And what is next?

Are you aware of that, most of the sites have less than 1,000 unique visitors per day? One of my best projects was among the ALEXA TOP 10,000. To gain such a result, I had to generate about 200,000 unique visitors per day.

My web project’s stats (entertainment niche)

Most of the sites that I see while browsing the internet possess the ALEXA rank below 1 million. Of course, I know that your niche most likely is thin and you thereby can’t gather more than 500 unique visitors a day. But, trust me, thanks to SEO, you could attract 10,000 visitors each day even in your micro niche.

Summing up, I’d recommend you to start working on SEO right now to succeed in the future. You can start with the basic technique of the on-page optimization (link).

SEO gradually expels other methods of attracting customers

Have you ever heard that SEO industry is worth over $65 billion and is continuing to grow? What does it mean? It means that we are now talking about the future of marketing. I bet in the future only SEO and SMM would matter.

Those who lost a chance to embark on the ship would lose their businesses. Right now we are witnessing how small business moves online. At the same time, big business has been here for at least for ten years.

While some people estimate their expenses for SEO, all the rest already optimize their websites for search engines. However, it will be fair to note that Google will never abandon AdWords. On the other hand, Google can’t exist without websites. Therefore, SEO will never die.

According to estimates, the SEO market would cost $79 billion by 2020, according to Borrel Associates. So if you were lucky to start the SEO practice today, you might reduce your outlay by this year.

Given the fact that SEO expels other types of advertising, your goal to start assisting your business right now.

Summing up, it’s only a matter of time when SEO would finally destroy other kinds of online and offline marketing. I’d recommend you to be one of the first who managed to seize such a trend.

SEO is not a marketing tool, but a strategy instead

One thing few people want to realize is that SEO is a strategy to a more degree. SEO provides you the complete coverage of the target audience.

Let me give you one more example. For instance, you place an ad on TV. Since you realize that all the television expanse is too broad, you chose a particular channel to promote your goods. To reduce the range of audience, you could try to showcase your ad during specific hours. Well, let’s imagine you sell cooking equipment. So, you decide to promote your stuff on the Food Network. You even managed to choose a cooking show which your target audience watches. Nonetheless, eventually, you will spend more money versus online ads since they are more targeted.

However, unlike SEO, your paid ads can’t give you the so-called long-tail keywords. Meanwhile, these keywords able to provide you the niche target audience for your product. On the contrary, if you use SEO, you don’t need to care about these visitors since Google does this job instead of you.

As a rule, the long-tail keywords give you about 60-70% of the organic traffic. I bet you can’t even imagine which key phrase your potential buyer might paste in the Google search string. Therefore, I suggest you try to type in Google the word “why.” Do you know what people are interested in? I bet you don’t. Most people opened their browser to learn “why do dogs eat grass.” Were you able to predict such a search query? People are also interested in “how to draw a rose.”

So, you should admit that you can’t predict the next action of your potential customer.

Summing up, SEO allows you not to think about the behavior of your visitors and their broad interests. Just focus on your content and Google will provide you some organic traffic by the unexpected organic keywords.

SEO could improve the reputation of your brand

Do you know that most people believe Google when it comes to reputation? If some journalist is about to write an article on some topic, he starts to search the solution in Google. What pages is he looking first? I think you guessed it. I’m talking about the TOP 10 results.

Such a situation thereby is your chance to receive a backlink from a reputable web resource or some media outlet. Is it possible in real life to get the mentioning in Forbes or HuffPost for a small business owner? I have such links to my websites while I’m not a billionaire or a famous person. Do you understand what am I talking about?

When one of your pages exists in the TOP 10 (of course, the 1st place is preferred), it’s a signal for any expert that your website is reliable. That’s how you can get a natural backlink from the authoritative site.

What could your potential clients suppose if Forbes, WSJ, NYT paste a link to your website? One such a backlink might serve a trigger for your business. That’s your way to a peak. And it’s entirely unreal to obtain such a mention without SEO even thanks to the paid online advertising unless you paid Forbes to write about your brand. But I was talking about the free backlinks.

Summing up, SEO positively affects your online/offline reputation.

SEO is natural

After all, let’s face it, SEO is the only natural way to interact with your target audience. There is no other way to get the direct access to the consumer thanks to other techniques.

If you doubt such a statement, let me give you my final example. What are you doing when you want to buy some product or use a service? You type it in Google or your favorite search engine; am I wrong? How do your children learn about new products in the market? Are they watching TV? I doubt. I bet their attention is focused on their iPhones instead. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Your wife, your friends, your children browse the Internet, omitting your ads. They are focused on the content. They watch videos on YouTube, talk to their friends in social networks, browse thousands of pages every day.

All your relatives enter key phrases in the Google search string, and I claim that their actions are natural. That’s why your goal is to make your website be able to answer those search queries. To cope the task, you will have to optimize all the pages on your company website, write tons of quality content, and get a lot of natural backlinks. In a nutshell, this is what SEO is.


Within the frameworks of this article, my goal was to convince you to implement SEO techniques in your online business. Even if you are not ready for SEO, the technological progress will force you to pay your attention to this topic.

At the dawn of the Internet, few people believed in online business. However, currently, I doubt that there is at least the one in the world who is agreed to be to disconnect from the web.

The situation in business has changed forever. And SEO must become the subject of your close attention. It doesn’t matter are you a big boss or just an owner of a small shop, you’ll have to face with such a term as SEO today or in the future.

So don’t delay the study of the subject for tomorrow. Start learning SEO today, and I’m sure, it would help your online business to be prospering.

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