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Don’t Mislead Yourself Seeking For Affordable SEO

I know that if you have no experience in SEO, your goal is to reduce your expenses in an attempt to promote your business. I don’t offer any paid SEO services. As a result, you may be sure that I won’t convince you to be my client. Instead, my primary task is to show you that the only way to reduce your outlay for SEO is to learn a bit more about this matter. Generally speaking, my entire website is about this subject. But if you stumbled upon this article while seeking for affordable SEO, it’s my chance to warn you against the possible mistakes. So take a little time for reading this blog post.

First, I want to dispel your illusions and suggest you take a look at some significant points in your question since:

  • SEO is a long-term process (You need at least half a year to see a result)
  • The affordable SEO gives you a temporary effect
  • Your SEO expert must possess serious experience
  • Most of the SEO tools are paid and expensive
  • You can’t predict the possible Google algorithm updates
  • SEO analysis can’t be done without in-depth research of your project
  • Why don’t use an alternative such as Google Adwords?
  • Maybe it’s easier to hire an SEO specialist for your company
  • Depending on the size of your business/project, maybe it would be wiser to take care of SEO by yourself
  • Are you sure that search engine optimization of your project is so effective in comparison with offline advertising?

Let’s take a look at each option more precisely.

SEO is a long-term process

If someone promises you that your positions will increase within a month for $99-200, in fact, this is not true. Of course, there is an effective technique to promote your website/project/business rapidly. However, in practice, it takes much more time.

The reason is that Google doesn’t make changes so fast. The only way to increase your traffic “instantly” is to post a lot of backlinks. That’s how these guys who offer affordable SEO are working. To be honest, nothing is wrong with such an approach. But you must be ready for the aftermath.

The primary issue is that GoogleBot easily detects the unnatural increment of your backlinks. Since you have no experience in SEO, you can’t define whether your growth is natural. As a result, you’ll see the improvement in SEO visibility. You might even discover your website in the 1st place for a while. Unfortunately, this effect is temporary.

The affordable SEO gives you a temporary effect

No one specialist could imitate natural growth of backlinks since it’s impossible. One may object that there is some SEO guru who can cope with such a task. Of course, he can. However, this guy just capable of balancing between natural and unnatural growth in an attempt to cheat Google. We call this “grey methods.” But such an SEO specialist/company will ask a lot of money. It is not the affordable SEO you desired.

In the case of the black-hat SEO techniques, you may see the immediate growth of your organic traffic. These guys can provide you a lot of backlinks from their satellite networks. But afterward, you will face two options:

You will have to pay permanently to support the “natural” increase in your backlink profile
Or refuse their services (change your SEO specialist/company)

Unfortunately, in the latter case, you face a disastrous drop in your SEO visibility since these guys will be forced to remove all these backlinks. I hope you realize what I’m trying to explain you.

You must be sure that your SEO expert possesses enough experience

For the past years, Google rolled out a lot of algorithm updates. Perhaps you know about Google Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Fred, etc. As a result, if your SEO expert/company never dealt with such issues, he isn’t able to protect you against these penalties.

Your business may grow within a year. However, eventually, you might lose all your visitors for just one day. The reason is that without the in-depth analysis of your project, it’s unreal to protect your website against the penalties described above. It’s not enough to purchase backlinks. In most cases, the issue is in your content which could be thin, irrelevant to a search query, or entirely useless.

I doubt that those companies which offer affordable SEO are capable of providing an individual approach to their clients. All you need to realize is that your business/project/website is unique. There is no universal remedy against all the disasters in SEO.

SEO experts use expensive SEO Tools

SEO is an expensive kind of business. To analyze your website, SEO experts use a lot of secret tools, especially, if you have serious rivals. To promote your site by the desired search query, a company or person responsible for SEO will have to accomplish an in-depth study of your competitors. This process is time-consuming and costly. All the web services and tools on SEO market are expensive. In other words, there is no affordable SEO instrument in the market. But there is no other way to evaluate your competitors than apply these tools. I want you to take these details into account.

Google frequently updates its algorithms

These guys who work with your SEO must be ready for possible algorithm updates. This year, Google updates its ranking factors several times a month. As a result, the company which is responsible for your SEO strategy must be ready for volatility. That’s why their services cost a lot of money. To guarantee the safety of your business, they will have to apply the most advanced technologies and immediately react to changes. Can you believe that if some company offers you the affordable price, it is ready to cope with such difficulties? I think that in the worst case they will return your money, while your business is ruined. Think about it before making a deal.

SEO analysis means the in-depth research of your project

Before promoting your website/business/project, the experienced SEO specialist would have to make a tedious in-depth study of your possible issues. It takes a lot of time; believe me, especially, when Google Panda, Penguin, etc. have once affected your project.

As a rule, your website is far from ideal. Most likely, your project contains a lot of issues with speed, mobile optimization, content, backlink profile. Besides, your site might suffer from the actions of the previous SEO expert. The goal is not to define your possible issues, but estimate the likely time for recovery or promotion.

Without such in-depth research, you will only waste your money. Ask yourself, are you ready to lose your business for just one day? So, even if you’ve subscribed for one of the affordable SEO plans, it’s time to ask your SEO company/expert whether they will be analyzing your website before posting numerous backlinks.

Do you know about Google Adwords?

Have you tried Google Adwords? Maybe this instrument is more affordable for you? Thanks to Google Adwords you may place your ad directly in the Google search result page. Also, your advertisement will appear on millions of websites all around the Internet. It is a good idea to use such approach if your clients are local or if you sell something incredibly expensive but your target audience is small.

What am I talking about? For instance, your product is Crushing machines and equipment. Your niche is too thin while your goal is to attract just one client a month. Let’s imagine; you’re ready to pay $20 for each visitor on your site, and you know that one client out of ten is potentially ready for purchasing your goods. As a result, with a budget of $200 you might sell a machine which costs $1 million.

Of course, this is a rough comparison. But I hope you realize my idea. In the case of SEO, you will face severe competition, and it will cost thousands of dollars to create a website and promote it. Maybe all you need is just a ten-page site and $200 budget for advertising? Of course, I exaggerate. But my goal is to show you the alternatives.

Why don’t to hire an SEO expert for your company

Sometimes, it’s more accessible for you to hire an SEO expert who will be closer to you than use services of SEO companies. Don’t forget; your goal is to reduce expenses. To do that, you need to plan your budget, at least for three-five years. How much you ready to pay for SEO? Maybe a personal SEO expert is more affordable for your SEO needs. As a rule, outsource solutions fit large enterprises. Look around, perhaps such an SEO guy for your needs lives next door.

Learn SEO by yourself

This solution might seem ridiculous from your side, but this is not a joke. Everything hugely depends on your business and needs. You may start studying my SEO blog. Here, I don’t promote myself or some services. My goal is to explain you the basics.

Thanks to my website you can learn how to:

Perhaps you wouldn’t become an experienced SEO expert. But you will learn the basics. This option is free and ideally fits small business. At least, thanks to my SEO blog you will learn which terminology you need to use while speaking with your SEO expert/company. Besides, you will learn what details you should take into account.

Online Vs. Offline

Finally, you need to realize, whether it is your approach to use SEO. If you’re an old-school guy, maybe it’s better to use the traditional methods of advertising. SEO as a term was introduced in the mid-1990s. As a result, it’s a young business. You must weigh the advantages and disadvantages before asking for help an SEO expert. In any case, the final decision depends on you. I want to explain to you that SEO is not such an evident technique as it may seem.


I don’t claim that all the companies that offer their services in the affordable SEO market are cheaters. No, they are not. On the contrary, all I want is to explain to you that you must be cautious while choosing a partner. You have a risk to lose your clients due to the wrong SEO techniques. Therefore, I’d suggest you be more legible when it comes to SEO. Good luck. I hope you find your SEO company/specialist who will assist you to improve your visibility in the Google SERP.

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