In 2022, the world's gamers will be down 150 million

In 2022, the world's gamers will be down 150 million

According to the gaming experts, for the first time in history this year, the performance of the game industry will decline markedly, with the number of gamers expected to decline by 150 million this year, largely due to the decline in three key markets.

According to experts from the London Safe Betting Sites portal, only the game markets of China, the United States, and Japan will collectively lose 115 million gamers this year, 76% of the total number of people leaving the game worlds.

In recent years, the profits of the gaming industry have continued to grow steadily.

Over the past eight months, China, which has been a leading player in the game industry, has experienced de facto freezing of approval of new games, tightening of State censorship and more stringent rules of admission to juvenile games, which affect both the size of the user base and the industry's profitability.

According to Statista, there were 780 million gamers in the country last year, approximately 30% of the world's total, but in 2022 the number would fall by 104 million, to 676 million, and the negative trend would continue in 2023, when the number of computer game fans would fall by another 40 million.

But in Statista, the US market is expected to recover in 2023, and the number of players will rise to 161.9 million, from 156.5 million this year.

The number of gamers in Japan is also expected to decline by 3.7 million compared to last year, to 73.3 million, although the Japanese game sector will also recover in part next year, to 75.2 million, but projections suggest that all three countries will not return to the record 2021.