Indonesia ' s State Company will be fully converted to electric transport by 2025

Indonesia ' s State Company will be fully converted to electric transport by 2025

The Indonesian authorities, whose population exceeds 273 million, have set a deadline for the final transition of all state-owned companies to electric transport only as part of the country ' s plan to achieve zero emissions by 2060.

According to Bloomberg, the conversion of public companies to electric vehicles is expected to be completed by 2025; in addition, the Government will force government bus operators Perum PPD and DAMRI to elect fully their vehicle fleet, although the exact time of transition has not yet been specified; these two companies have a total of 3,500 buses, and the transition is costly.

According to the Minister of Public Enterprises, Erik Tohira, it is not necessary to buy all electric transport, transport can be rented, and credit will be provided to companies on a reasonable basis.

In Indonesia, transport accounts for about one quarter of all energy-related emissions, the second segment after the energy sector itself, and the country has already taken a number of measures to reduce emissions, such as the Pertamina oil giant and Perusahan Lystrik Negara are looking for green energy-related projects and has begun to participate in carbon trading to compensate for emissions through financial participation in environmental initiatives.

Russia's projects aren't on site either, and yesterday news has come that Kaliningrad's Avtotor intends to release the first batch of branded electric vehicles in 2023 and will be equipped with traction batteries for Rosatom's production.