The hybrid aircraft will reach a speed of 350 km/h

The hybrid aircraft will reach a speed of 350 km/h

Korea's eVTOL Plana launched a successful preliminary round of $9 million in fund-raising and reached a total of $10 million. This was reported by the company's social media representatives, and production of the 7-seat hybrid eVTOL Plana is planned for 2028.

A new hybrid-electric taxi with a vertical take-off and landing system will move at a speed of up to 350 km/h, carrying up to seven passengers at a distance of 500 km.

The company has published conceptual images of the aircraft, with a long, thin fuselage that moves to the top of the main wing, with a total of six passengers and a pilot on board.

The power train uses large tilting five-lop electric screws and a full-drive structure. The general configuration in the hanging mode is similar to the hexacopter.

For vertical take-off and landing operations, two rear screws are tilted downwards and the rest up, because they're set to push for cruise mode.

Many eVTOL enterprises are working on commercial certification and commissioning by 2024, but Plana will lag behind in this matter. According to the company's schedule, by 2028 they will have a fully approved aircraft in production and by 2024 a demonstration model.