VESA has adopted the DisplayPort 2.1 standard, which is the same speed, longer cables and improvements through USB4 and Type-C

VESA has adopted the DisplayPort 2.1 standard, which is the same speed, longer cables and improvemen

Video Electronics Standards Association published DisplayPort 2.1 specifications. In the new specification of the standard, the increase in capacity has come to the fore. Instead, priority has been given to improving reliability and the quality of signal transmission.

In particular, the new standard focuses on improving the stability and quality of transmission by using the DisplayPort cable, in DisplayPort Alt Mode mode or by tunneling via USB4. A new transmitter control function has been added to DisplayPort 2.1 to improve the transmission efficiency of the DisplayPort signal in parallel with the transfer of another traffic through the USB4. This will enable more devices to be connected, including monitors through one port.

Energy efficiency gains are achieved through the mandatory support of the Display Street Companion and the Panel Replay protocol. Support for the DSC bit flow reduces the transmission of DisplayPort data by more than 67% without visual artifacts, and the Panel Replay function reduces the transmission of tunnelable bags by more than 99%. In fact, Panel Replay only updates the part of the image that has changed from the previous frame.

The new version is, however, inversely compatible with the previous version of DisplayPort 2.0. This means that every device certified for DisplayPort 2.0, including products supported by Ultra-hygh Bit Rate and DP40/DP80 cables, including DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort and USB Type-C with alternative DP mode, also meet the more stringent specifications of DisplayPort 2.1.

DisplayPort 2.1 has also updated the DisplayPort cable specification to allow for more robust operation and improved configuration with full size and Mini-displayPort. This will improve connectivity and increase cable length and provide a capacity of up to 80 Gbit/s.