NVIDIA will support the authors of Shapeyard's experimental application

NVIDIA will support the authors of Shapeyard's experimental application

Magic Unicorn , today announced that it is joining the NVIDIA Initiative, which is helping to develop startups by providing modern technologies and assistance to NVIDIA experts, as well as by providing access to an extensive international network of venture investors and supporting joint marketing through public channels.

Shapeyard, in turn, provides users with a fixed set of tools to create digital 3D assets on mobile devices, introduce them into the Web3 economy, and exchange and integrate them into any virtual space. The Shapeyard is now available on iOS as an experimental mobile application that rapidly expands modelling functions according to the official road map of the product.

The NVIDIA Initiative will provide Shapeyard with an opportunity to collaborate with leading industry experts, help integrate the product into the NVIDIA Omniverse platform to create 3D resources and export scenes to the file environment Universal Scene Classification, and provide the company with a marketing program.

"The technology of multi-detailed Shapeyard autoetopology, together with the USD frame and integration into Omniverse, will overcome the limits of 3D resource productivity in the metaverse, ensuring true compatibility of 3D content," stated Ashot Gabrielanov, CEO of Magic Unicorn, in a press release.

The special feature of Shapeyard is that the service helps develop user content by helping to create 3D objects for everyone.

Magic Unicorn is a venture studio in New York City, which is designed primarily in the fields of computer graphics, mobile artificial intelligence and advanced reality.