NEARITY presented new products for effective remote operation

NEARITY presented new products for effective remote operation

NEARITY, the producer and supplier of innovative solutions for videoconferencing, announces the start of the supply of its products to Russia.

The NEARITY scripts allow group online conferences of any scale, creating a natural atmosphere and full involvement of the participants in the event. They support the consistent connection of several devices with one Ethernet cable and can be used not only in a small space of negotiating rooms, but also in large audiences.

The Flagman device of this line, NEARITY A20, has intelligent sound function, is able to locate the speaker and capture his voice clearly within a radius of up to 5 metres. The device's dynamic has a crystal clean sound that is characteristic of "living" speech.

In the video-bar segment, NEARITY offers customers entry-level products and high-level models that convey a clear image and a clean sound. The label flag, NEARITY C30R, is a new generation video bar that implements artificial intelligence technologies, including automatic staffing, a large plan of the participant in a separate segment, tracking speakers. The camera supports the camera with a 4K resolution and a 30-person frequency per second, and the lens provides an extreme 120-degree view angle to cover the whole space: both the negotiating room and the wide audience. The 5-ele mic NEARITY C30R guarantees a clear voice transmission of all conference participants at a distance of 5 metres from the device. By default, the video bar can be placed on a flat surface, for example, on a table, and with additional accessories, it can be mounted on a wall, or TV-panel.

There are several models of PTZ cameras in the NEARITY portfolio. An advanced model of this line, NEARITY V520D, equipped with two cameras, can be used in small classrooms and negotiation rooms, but will be particularly effective in equipping audiences and even large conference rooms.

Another important feature of NEARITY V520D is the confidentiality of the participants in the meeting, when the camera is disabled, its lens automatically rotates back, excluding unauthorized surveillance. In addition to NEARITY V520D, there are three other models in the PTZ line for use in offices and large conference rooms.

All mics, video bars and PTZ cameras of NEARITY are available for purchase and order from Russian partners of the company. Detailed information on the specifications and design of all NEARITY devices is available on the company's website.