Smart electric toothbrush for men Nandme NX9000 is offered at a discount

Smart electric toothbrush for men Nandme NX9000 is offered at a discount

Brande Nandme announced a special proposal for a smart electrical toothbrush for NX9000 men, where the device can be purchased at a significant discount.

Brande Nandme specializes in developing and using state-of-the-art dental care technologies to provide personalized oral care products to consumers, with over 250 development patents registered, and is currently a supplier of electrical toothbrushes for dozens of major international brands, including Philips and Xiaomi.

The electric toothbrush for the men of Nandme NX9000 is made of aluminium alloy, used in an aeroplane structure with increased strength and corrosion resistance. The device has a strict male design that emphasizes the dark matte color of the shell.

The NX9000 is equipped with a LED display to control the cleaning process by selecting the appropriate mode, to monitor the cleaning time, the charge level, etc. The device supports five modes that provide full oral care: daily, caring, soft for sensitive teeth and gum, polishing and bleaching. The NX9000 uses ultrasonic sound support technology, thus reducing the noise level of the device to 45 dB.

The engine in the toothbrush provides a speed of 36,000 rpm, which significantly improves dental cleaning efficiency, which the brands say is 50% higher than other electrical brushes. The Nandme NX9000 uses the DuPont head with a strong and sturdy brush that ensures high dental and dust cleaning capacity. The device meets the IPX7 standard for protection against moisture and dust.

With Nandme NX9000, 12 patches are provided, which saves the user from buying new ones over a long period of time. The manufacturer recommends changing the pads every three months; however, the brand provides a three-year guarantee for the device.

Users can also receive an additional discount of $5 using the XJ3305 promo.