The X-Com business agent selected 13 pilot start-up projects during the second phase

The X-Com business agent selected 13 pilot start-up projects during the second phase

The sales broker of HC X-Com reported the completion of the second phase of the selection of technology projects, 13 of which were considered to be the most promising. The first phase of the selection was completed in July.

The projects were presented in online format and evaluated by an expert committee of the accelerator, composed of members of the group ' s board of directors, heads of units and independent experts, which identified a pool of products with the potential to integrate into the company ' s sales ecosystem, and which would then launch a number of pilot projects that would determine the feasibility of applying solutions to the company and its clients.

  • ARIS - Business Process and Architecture Modelling System: Import Track; StaffCop, a software package to monitor staff and improve investment in staff; AutoFaQ, a platform for automating client and employee support; Agora, Enterprise platform B2B/B2C on-line; – no-code, a dialogue platform for increasing the operational efficiency of business processes; Cenovic, a procurement and pricing management system with AI technology.

Each project is reported to be under the supervision of a designated expert. The teams will be given access to a segmented database from over 300,000 corporate X-Com clients, as well as full support from top managers and partners.

As Igor Rogankov, managing partner of X-Com companies, noted, even more interesting projects were presented during the second phase, including the creation of "hard" corporate-level solutions. He promised that the accelerator would do everything possible to help the teams achieve their goal.