Apple's AR garrison will get an eyebrow scanner for authorization and payment

Apple's AR garrison will get an eyebrow scanner for authorization and payment

Network sources report that Apple's hybrid reality garrison, expected to be available next year, will be equipped with a rainbow scanner for the user's eye; this technology will be used to authorise accounts and confirm payments.

According to available data, the new technology will become an equivalent of that already used in Apple Face ID devices. User identification will take place as soon as the garrison is installed, which will make it easier for different people, such as family members, to use the device, and it will also make it possible to authorise different accounts and facilitate payments.

In order to scan the rainbow shear, internal cameras are also used to track the user ' s view. However, this approach will reduce the quality of the graphics on the periphery of the view, thereby reducing the level of computing capacity required for the operation. It is assumed that Apple was able to implement this technology through the purchase of the German startup SensoMotoric Instruments in 2017.

An unnamed source reported that the Apple gadget would contain 14 cameras. By comparison, the recently introduced Meta* Platforms, called Quest Pro, will have 10 cameras. The Apple garrison will use cameras to capture movements, which will allow virtual avatars to repeat the movements of real people. Two cameras are directed down to capture the movement of the user ' s legs.

According to the source, Apple's garrison is visually reminiscent and quite different from Oculus Pro. The design of the device uses netted fabrics, aluminium and glass, and the outward-looking cameras are better hidden than the Oculus Pro. The Apple garrison is likely to be more thin and light than the Meta* device, which weighs 722 grams.

According to rumours, users of Apple garrisons who wear glasses will be able to attach individual receptor lenses to the device by means of special magnets. On the outside of the shell, there will be a display that is turned outwards and is designed to display the face of the user. Developers are expected to use a low-renewal display to ensure that it does not significantly increase overall energy consumption.

Apple officials have so far refrained from commenting on the future garrison of mixed reality, so the device that will present to the general public next year may differ significantly from expectations based on rumours and leaks.

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