The whole universe is in the same infographics

The whole universe is in the same infographics

Our universe consists, among other things, of young stars, supernovas, hydrogen, helium, and dark matter, but do you know that most of the universe contains dark energy? Recent infographics detail what elements and proportions it consists of.

Most common components in the universe

There is a scientific consensus that the universe is divided into three parts.

Dark energy is the most common components of the universe.

The rest of the universe consists of separate hydrogen and helium atoms.

The purpose of several scientific missions is to study certain properties of the universe. Purpose? To learn more about its composition. For example, in 2009 the European Space Agency's Plank mission aimed to measure the smallest changes in the temperature of a given radiation: the cosmic microwave background.

In 2027, the U.S. Space Agency is expected to send Nancy Grace Roman infrared telescope into space with the help of SpaceX.