Microsoft is producing DirectStorage 1.1 with GPU-decompression -- games will be downloaded even faster

Microsoft is producing DirectStorage 1.1 with GPU-decompression -- games will be downloaded even fas

Microsoft is about to release DirectStorage version 1.1 in the foreseeable future. In short, DirectStorage allows the video card almost directly to receive data from SSD, accelerating the downloading of game worlds. Initially, the technology has been applied to Xbox Series S and Series X game consoles.

DirectStorage 1.0 debuted in March of this year and can be read more about it here. Note only that one of the important features of DirectStorage 1.0 has not been implemented. The first version has only accelerated the downloading of games on already fast NVMe reservoirs. However, as part of the DirectStorage 1.0, data are still sent first to the central processor for unpacking and then to the GPU memory.

Microsoft is about to release a new version of DirectStorage 1.1 in the foreseeable future, in which the above feature is excluded and unpacking will be done directly by the video card itself. This should significantly increase the rate of unpacking, as the GPU is better optimized to perform parallel calculations. In addition, the time to transfer data from the graphics processor to the memory of the video card will be reduced.

The company provided an example showing an improvement in data decompression rates, in which case not only did the unpacking time decrease from 2.36 to 0.8 seconds, but also the load on the central processor decreased from 100 to 15.08 per cent.

Microsoft says that DirectStorage 1.1 will work on all graphic accelerators that support Shader Model 6.0. However, the most effective results will be visible on video maps that support the graphic API DirectX12 Ultimate. The manufacturer also states the compatibility of DirectStorage 1.1 with Windows 10 and Windows 11, but the new LO will optimize the data input/output process.

The company added that SDK DirectStorage 1.1 would soon be available for game developers. However, Microsoft did not specify a more precise date for its release. The first DirectStorage 1.1 games will have to wait for some time.