Startup is developing a three-wheeled car that drives, swims and "flys"

Startup is developing a three-wheeled car that drives, swims and "flys"

Poseidon Amphibations is raising funds for the first electric car to be driven both on land and in water, and a three-wheeled vehicle will combine urban transport and a motor boat.

The developer ' s company states that an electric four-wheel drive three-wheeled vehicle will be able to race to 96 km/h on land in just 5 seconds and move safely in the urban environment, and the range of flight in the water will be increased by the use of low frontal resistance submarine wings.

The vehicle can be registered as a three-wheeled motorcycle, with the driver sitting in the front seat at the centre and two passenger seats at the rear, and the vehicle itself moving by means of a simple, non-reverse chassis with electric motors mounted on all three wheels.

Developers note that the machine will be able to simply enter the water while moving as an electric boat in small areas using two steering devices mounted at the sliding counters at the rear.

Once the water is sufficiently deep, the module on the underwater wings, together with the second pair of electrical steering devices, will be able to sink into the water and the boat will be able to float over the water.

The company is still looking for an investor, collecting money through crowdfanding, and doesn't specify the project's duration, but promises that the cost of the device will be around $95,000.