Smelling device in virtual reality

Smelling device in virtual reality

Over the years, the creators of the virtual reality worlds have used our visual perception to shape worlds for research. Soon we will be able to smell them, in a snoopy sense. Swedish researchers have developed a stinking machine that synchronizes with the VR garrison.

The tool is called a "olfactorometer" and researchers have been able to connect it directly to the virtual reality garrison of HTC Vive. The goal is to disperse the smells when appropriate in the context of the game. To begin with, scientists have tested their invention in a wine tasting game. The player is in the basement and is asked to smell different glasses.

"", says Jonas Olofsson, Professor of Psychology and Research Project Manager at Stockholm University, in his statement, the team's work was published in the International Journal.

Specifically, the olfactorometer consists of four odour tanks. Mixing occurs with 3D typed valves that open and close to release the mixture of odour in the appropriate quantity. Two valves close each channel to prevent unwanted leaks. The central fan continuously inflates air to deliver the smell into the player ' s nostrils. All of this is in a vessel measuring 10 x 15 cm. It is attached to the HTC Vive controller and weighs 432 grams. At the programme level, complex calculations of fluid mechanics are performed. The idea, of course, is to reproduce the odour accurately, but not only.

In calculating the amount of fragrance emitted, the machine is capable of "," said scientists. Aromats can be activated automatically on the basis of a certain action, such as raising a glass with wine, or pressing the player's button.

"," is admired by Simon Nidental, a research scientist in the field of interaction and games at the University of Malmø. Innovation video games can actually use this concept, but the possible application of this olfactorometer goes beyond mere entertainment, researchers think.

"," they note. The olfactory meter, combined with games, can be an effective and exciting way to train people who have lost their sense of smell, for example because of illness. This type of exercise already exists, but often people cannot be sufficiently empathetic because of the boredom of exercise. Scientists also suggest using it to teach somelium or perfumers, because their instrument, they say, allows them to make mixtures of great fineness.

Finally, they claim that technology is very accessible: "".

All car codes, plans and instructions are freely available on the Internet. "," says Jonas Olofsson. "," Simon Nidental concludes.