"All will have to start from scratch": The last major upgrade destroyed the billionaire business at No

"All will have to start from scratch": The last major upgrade destroyed the billionaire business at

The space adventure No Manx Sky offers a lot of activities, and while some players explore planets and fight pirates, others try to get as much money as possible. One of the most affordable ways to earn money has been to extract activated indium recently, but with the release of the last major upgrade, Waypoint has changed everything.

The players who used this method found the deposit and built the mines run by artificial intelligence, and all they had to do was exchange the ore produced at the terminal, with 949 Unitites per unit of material, and the Indian farms could bring in millions and even billions every day. Some of those who were rich in this way gave the ore to random beginners who invested it in the ship's modernization and the construction of their own farms.

However, with the release of Waypoint, the price of the ore has fallen to 165 units per unit. In addition, the developers have reduced drilling efficiency: if hundreds of extractors could be placed in the same location earlier, each additional construction on the same field now reduces the farm's yield. Users estimate that it now takes 50% more time to collect the same amount of indium.

- told the Reddit user Actual_Materal_5915.

The rich players took it in different ways: some break down the lost business, others are already looking for new methods of earning. Lenat noted that after updating the players, it was to rebuild the farms to extract chlorine and gold. The latter was the most expensive ore in the game, and it could be found anywhere.

" wrote The OneGingerman.

Waypoint was released on October 7 and added light mode, reprocessed tools, fine settings of various components, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, S, and Game Pass.