Hyundai invests $13 billion in the empowerment of programmable cars

Hyundai invests $13 billion in the empowerment of programmable cars

Hyundai Group announced plans to invest 18 trillion South Korean Won by 2030, part of which will be aimed at establishing a global software and development centre, as well as recruiting programmers to develop devices and services with a focus on user experience.

Programmatically defined cars are those whose functions are activated and expanded through software such as updates or subscriptions. Chung Cook Park is on the NVIDIA Drive platform for autonomous vehicles and driver assistance systems.

Hyundai is also developing equipment to expand the mass production of vehicles with a Level 3 autonomous driving system and to bring the commercialization of machines closer to the Level 4 and Level 5 self-sustainment levels.

The car manufacturer also noted that the new eM and eS platforms, which were due to enter the market in 2025, would help to reduce the time needed to create new models, from design to production; note that these platforms are built on the Integrated Model Architecture mobile architecture for passenger and specialized vehicles.

Hyundai also announced the development of an OTA software update for all new vehicles to be launched starting in 2023, including electric drive models and VANs, which will fully integrate digitalization with mobility.