The new Chinese "flying vehicle" Xpeng X2 flew over Dubai

The new Chinese "flying vehicle" Xpeng X2 flew over Dubai

On October 10, Xpeng X2, developed by the Chinese company Aero HT, made its first flight to Dubai, and 150 people were able to see the take-off, flight and landing of the vehicle during a demonstration.

Xpeng X2 has a taste of old science fiction. This is not the first time Aero HT has developed a closed cockpit and a car-like appearance. The first flight was attended by representatives of the Chinese Consulate in Dubai, the Dubai International Chamber of Commerce, DCAA, the Dubai Department of Economics and Tourism, the Dubai World Trade Centre and the world media.

The vehicle, which is therefore called a "flying vehicle", is called eVTOL, i.e., "electric vertical take-off and landing". This vehicle can carry up to two people. It flies with eight engines, two in each corner of the vehicle. According to the company that developed it, it can reach a speed of 130 km/h and can stay in air for 35 minutes. The design is made of carbon fibre. Material aiming at maximum weight reduction.

Xpeng X2 is designed for a maximum height of 975 metres, but is likely to fly at an altitude of about 90 metres. In other words, it is designed to serve short distances in cities. "" says Aero HT. The car also offers manual and automatic modes. The automatic mode allows the pick-up and landing of a button with one push.

Xpeng X2 was one of the major events of Gitex Global 2022, one of the world's largest exhibitions of innovation and technology, in which more than 5,000 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors from many countries participated. The company clearly chose this event for a reason: "", says Brian Gu, Vice President and President XPENG.

However, the company is already planning to release the progress of the Research and Development Division on its next eVTOL model, the sixth generation, and details are expected to be revealed at event 1024 XPENG Tech Day at the end of this year, but the company has already hinted at some important features: its next generation electric vehicle, according to Aero HT, will be able to fly and drive on the roads.

A video summarizing the test flight provided directly by XPENG AEROHT: