Sony presented the world's most compact laser 3LCD projectors at a price of $3,025

Sony presented the world's most compact laser 3LCD projectors at a price of $3,025

Sony has introduced new models of 3LCD laser projectors with a 1,200p resolution, VPL-PHZ61 and VPL-PHZ51, which it calls the world's compactest projectors in its class.

Each model has a size of 422 x 100 x 333 mm, including an anti-dust coating that closes down the LCD filtering system for projectors. According to Sony, each of the three Brightera LCD panels that make up the 3LCD system supports the WUXGA resolution, the company states that the image quality is not particularly lower than 4K.

Both projectors are capable of forming an image with diagonals up to 300 inches, and the new ones maintain a 4K and 60 FPS resolution signal at the entrance, which is being converted into WUXGA. By maintaining the brightness of 6,400 lumen for the VPL-PHZ61 model, the projectors are able to provide a quality image even in well-lit spaces.

In doing so, projectors will demonstrate content without loss of clarity, because the Bright View function provides living, rich colors. A recently improved Reality Creation technology provides additional clarity of the image, including in the display of diagrams and text, and the built-in Lighting Sensor allows you to automatically adjust settings depending on how light is in the room.

Both models support a "traction correction" within +/-30%, a manual focus, and a vertical correction between -35% and +55%, which makes it very convenient to fit them under the ceiling or, for example, on a low support.

Each new one has two HDMI ports supporting audio and protocol protection against unauthorized HDCP recording, possible activation when the incoming signal is registered, successive ports, Ethernet LAN, 3.5 mm entrances, and audio and USB ports to connect peripheral devices. The Integrated 16-watt dynamics do not allow for the acquisition of an additional audio opera if there is no special need for a high sound quality.

According to Sony, the VPL-PHZ61 model, with better lighting, will cost $3795, the junior version of the VPL-PHZ51 will cost $3025. Both options will be presented in stores in early 2023.