Intel announced the sale of Arc A770 and Arc A750, but you can't buy video cards anywhere

Intel announced the sale of Arc A770 and Arc A750, but you can't buy video cards anywhere

Intel reported yesterday on the start of sales of Arc A770 and Arc A750 graphic accelerators. So far, everything indicates that, as was the case with the younger Arc A380 model, the launch was more formal. New video cards are simply nowhere available for purchase right now -- at best, the order is proposed to wait until 17 October, and many vendors don't even specify the time frame.

In the case of Arc A770 and Arc A750 models, Intel immediately expanded the list of regions where these accelerators could be found. Intel's official website indicates that the video cards will be available for sale in the United States, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, China, Australia, South Korea and Taiwan, while the new ones will be available in a very modest number of retailers.

The French recorder Topachat will not receive the video cards until October 17; the Arc A770 model with 16 Gbyte memory is estimated to be Y460, and the Arc A750 model with Y380. In Germany, only pre-orders are available, only in one store, and only at Arc A750.

The British store Ebuyer has not yet received the new Intel video cards. The date of their appearance is not specified. The reference versions of the accelerators are estimated at £400 and £330, which is approximately $445 and $367 respectively.

Arc A750 and A770 can already be ordered on the benchmark from Polish retailer Komputronik. Purchases are promised on October 20th. The cost of the youngest is 1,749 zlotys, which is approximately $350, and for the oldest, 2,099 zlotys or about $420.

Remember that Arc A770 is based on the ACM-G10 graphic processor with 32 Xe kernels, 28 beam blocks and 480 XML matrix engines. The map has 8 Gbyte memory and is estimated at $289. Only ASRock and Gunnir have submitted their versions of the video cards so far.