Quest 2 Active Pack for virtual reality sports will be released on October 25

Quest 2 Active Pack for virtual reality sports will be released on October 25

Meta* announced during Meta*Connect's event the forthcoming release of Meta Axessoires*Quest 2 Active Pack, which was designed for sports using Meta's VR garrison*Quest 2.The set of accessories was announced almost a year ago at a Facebook conference* Connect 2021, but the company apparently took time to refine the individual devices.

Fitnes is the second most popular activity of users of virtual reality garnishes after games. The Meta* Quest 2 Active Pack suite does not allow Quest 2 to become slippery from sweat during training, as it includes a sweat-resistant face lining. It does not require a user to continuously wipe the sweat off his face during class. It also includes two wrist straps so that controllers do not slide and are easier to hold during intensive training, and adjustable straps on fingers. According to Meta*, the Meta* Quest 2 Active Pack kit will be announced later on.

The company also reported on the new Fitness API currently in the beta test phase, which will allow developers to access the fitness data Quest. This will allow companies to synchronize data with their applications.

In addition, Meta* announced plans to join forces to launch next year's production of accessories under the brand.

* Listed on the list of voluntary associations and religious organizations in respect of which the court has taken a legally enforceable decision to abolish or prohibit activities on the grounds provided for in Federal Act No. 114-FZ of 25 July 2002 on countering extremist activities.