SpaceX drone showed a huge space jellyfish

SpaceX drone showed a huge space jellyfish

The third launch of SpaceX Falcon 9 was not a record for the company, but was no less exciting than anyone else. It enabled witnesses and network users to observe a rather rare phenomenon in the night sky, known as the "space jellyfish".

In early October, SpaceX launched Intelsat Galaxy 33 and Galaxy 34 geostationary communications satellites, both weighing approximately 7,300 kg.

While the rocket went up into the evening sky, the exhaust plumes from the accelerator and then the upper stage lit it, the pattern was like a jellyfish that sailed over the ground.

Although space jellyfish are considered rare, they have become frequent since the launch of SpaceX. Small rays of sunlight in the sky illuminate exhaust pipes at high altitudes.

This time, the SpaceX drone caught it in the frame itself, while it was waiting for the launcher to return to the surface, and the drone called the ASOG was placed 650 kilometres off the coast of Florida to wait for the B1060 launcher to return, as reported in Teslarati's report.

The drone ' s on-board camera was directed towards the launch and captured the space jellyfish from a completely different perspective, as well as showing that the launch vehicle had successfully landed on ASOG.