China connects armed robot dogs with drones that can take them anywhere

China connects armed robot dogs with drones that can take them anywhere

Following the publication this summer of the first viral and disturbing video showing a robot dog equipped with a machine gun, a new video published by Chinese media shows a robot dog equipped with a weapon of war and transported by a drone by air, a combination of "supply" to any point in the city's war zone of these rosy and armed robots making the world of robotics think about ethical issues.

Mobile robots have a wide range of applications in various fields, such as space exploration, military applications, industry and many others.

With this unique potential, the arming of these robot dogs was only a matter of time, as the video showed this summer. The new video became viral the other day. It shows a Chinese-made drone that drops an armed robot dog -- a terrible vision of how the future of war and law enforcement might soon look.

The minute video was originally posted on the Chinese web site of microblogs by a user associated with or representing a local defense company, who reportedly developed a drone that was used to deploy a robot, Kestrel Defense Blood-Wing.

It is not immediately clear whether the video was recorded as part of Chinese military exercises or rather as a demonstration of how the park will work, but even without this context, the video can serve as a predictor of technology that can fill future battlefields.

In the description of the video, the authors explain that "" or the suppression of fire.

The evidence provided by the authors of the video, as well as the context of the video, suggests that this trio of robotic drones was designed to be used in attack operations, especially in urban areas, which typically consist of large buildings and complex structures that are difficult to infiltrate.

In addition, other videos with different robot dogs in similar situations were posted in the Weibo account, suggesting that the company specializes in technologies designed for missions under similar conditions, showing the frightening future of war in a tense international context.