Google allowed the side application to be integrated into "Documents", e.g. the Miro and Figma boards

Google allowed the side application to be integrated into "Documents", e.g. the Miro and Figma board

Google continues to work to make its "Workspace" service more user-friendly. The next step in this direction will be to open the web-based text editor "Google Documents" to outside developers. A new feature will be launched to enable the user to enter the file name or application with the symbol "@" to view and edit it in the "Google Documents".

This is the Smart Chips function, which is responsible for integrating other applications into Google. To make this function operational, Google released a new API, which was made available to the general public at the Cloud Next Conference. The new API will allow, for example, to manage Asana projects or to view the top of the Miro and Figma boards, although it will not be possible to edit their contents at this stage.

Although Google's intention to integrate external developers' applications into its service seems quite logical, the search giant is definitely late to launch this function. The fact is that services like Notion and Coda have long gained the popularity of users through the ability to make simple text editors modular tools that allow different operations to be performed within a single document. It is evident that with the launch of the new Google function, Google will quickly catch up.

At the same time, Google will provide greater access to Meet, another of the company's most important working tools. Developers will be able to integrate the basic elements of congregation management into their applications. According to available data, the new functions are already available to developers, and their wider dissemination will begin early next year.