The fans recreated the GTA VI map based on leakage and compared it to Los Santos and the surrounding areas of GTA V

The fans recreated the GTA VI map based on leakage and compared it to Los Santos and the surrounding

In September, the players attempted to recreate the Grand Theft Auto VI map using information from a major leak. Recently, one of the enthusiasts compared the location coordinates found from Grand Theft Auto V and showed how large Miami's fiction could be to the surrounding areas.

A new version of the proposed Grand Theft Auto VI map was published by Reddit user under the pseudonym ChurchofGTA. He specified that he had used data from other fans — their names he listed in the right lower corner of the image. The fans estimated that the sixth part of the map would be at least 1.5 times larger than the fifth. A large part of the map was occupied with water, where there might be more islands. It was also not known how far north the area was.

ChurchofGTA, along with hundreds of other users, decided to recreate the map of the new part shortly after the leak. They tried to calculate the distance between the roller objects using coordinates and compared the location of the game to the real Miami locations using Google Earth and the game engine data. They calculated the size of the map to be approximately 80 km2.

In the case of Grand Theft Auto V, fans worked on the proposed map for several years, supplementing it with information based on various pre-release materials. After the premiere, it turned out to be almost exactly the same as the game.

According to the summer rumors from Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreyer, originally the developers were going to map large areas of North and South America, but eventually decided to limit themselves to a fictional version of Miami with the surrounding areas. According to unconfirmed information from Axios, three major cities were planned to be built to scale down, and the world is expected to expand with new missions and cities after release.

More than 90 videos recorded in the Grand Theft Auto VI test were found on the web on September 18, and soon Rockstar Games confirmed the leak — a tweet that became the most popular video game in Twitter history.

The Grand Theft Auto VI was officially confirmed in February. The company stated that the production was well under way, but did not provide any official details. The release is not expected to take place before 2024.