Renault showed the concepts of the Mobile Duo electric vehicles, the updated versions of the super-compact Twizy

Renault showed the concepts of the Mobile Duo electric vehicles, the updated versions of the super-c

The Mobile division of Renault is preparing to present on the Paris Motor Show the electric concept car Mobilize Duo, which will become the latest version of the miniaturized electric vehicle Twizy debuted in 2009.

The two-seat car will be sold in two versions at the end of 2023: at a maximum speed of 45 km/h — in some countries it can be driven without license from the age of 14; and at a maximum speed of 80 km/h — it will require an open category "B" driving licence. Mobile Duo is built on a frame and the body is made of polypropylene — about 50% of the construction will be made of recycled materials, and 95% of the components will be sent to recycling after the end of the service life.

At 2.43 m, Mobileize Duo has a minimum turning radius, and the average parking space can accommodate up to three such electric vehicles, especially since the doors are opening up. Unlike the first version of the model, there are windows that can protect the occupants from the weather. The Mobilize Duo has a rear drive, and the range with a full battery charge is 140 km; the small trunk has a charging cable that can even be connected to the home outlet.

Access to the passenger compartment and start-up of the electric motor shall be made by means of a smartphone, and sliding forward seats, even in a close compartment, shall be able to accommodate a person with a comfort of up to 180 cm tall. The steering wheel shall be fitted with an airbag and both sides of the front seats shall be fitted with a niche to store a small hand luggage. Provision shall also be made for a comfortable modern instrument panel, a smartphone holder, a chargeable USB-C and built-in dynamic. Mobile Duo will be available both in rental centres and for sale to private individuals.

In the long run, a special version of the machine for people with disabilities will also be released: it will have additional steering controls on the steering wheel, and the wheelchair will be quickly placed in the trunk. The company also plans to produce a professional version of the model, which will be called the Bento. The electric vehicle will be designed for delivery workers and will receive a pretty large 700-litre trunk; this special version will only debut in 2024.

Finally, Mobilize India offered an even easier version of Duo: an ultra-compact three-wheeled single-wheel electric car, Solo micro-EV, can run up to 25 km/h, and its dimensions are 1.37 m. The standard parking space can accommodate up to six such vehicles. The developer is going to release versions with traditional and wireless charging, as well as the option of quickly replacing the power elements.