Found the tallest tree in the Amazon

Found the tallest tree in the Amazon

The giant tree, which rises above the surface of the Iratapuru natural reserve in the north of Brazil, is Angelim vermelho, a height of 88.5 metres and a circle of 9.9 metres.

According to scientists, this tree, known as Dinzia excelsa, is the largest tree ever discovered in the Amazon.

Researchers first noticed it in satellite imagery in 2019 as part of a 3D mapping project, and later that year a group of scientists, environmentalists and local guides tried to get there.

But after a 10-day transition in a difficult area, exhausted, with insufficient supplies and a sick member of the team, they had to turn back.

Three other expeditions to the remote region of the Yari Valley Reserve, located on the border between the States of Amapa and Pará, reached several other giant trees, including the highest Brazilian nut ever registered in the Amazon, with a height of 66 metres.

However, Angelim vermelho remained inaccessible to the expedition from 12 to 25 September, when researchers crossed 250 km on a boat up rivers with sneaky thresholds and then walked 20 km in the mountainous jungle area to reach it.

During the expedition, one of 19 men was bitten by a poisonous spider, but the forest guide Diego Armando Silva, who helped organize the trip, said that it was worth it. "It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. It's just divine," he stressed in an ABC News interview.

After sleeping under a tree, the group collected leaves, soil, and other samples that scientists will analyze to determine the age of the tree. Silva estimates that he is between 400 and 600 years old. Experts will also try to understand why there are so many giant trees in the region and how much carbon they store.