GM intends to compete with Tesla in the market for energy storage systems and solar panels

GM intends to compete with Tesla in the market for energy storage systems and solar panels

General Motors reported on the start-up of a business to sell home energy storage systems, solar panels and software to private and commercial clients. The new GM Energy unit will allow the company to create a number of accessories that can help sell its electric vehicles.

According to Travis Hester, the director of GM electric car production, the company will attempt to take over part of the market for power-producing and storage devices, which promises to reach $120–150 billion in the future. The car manufacturer intends to make GM brands synonymous not only with electric vehicles, but also with a range of products and services related to electric transport and batteries.

This market is already run by a competition of GM in Tesla, which, in addition to electric vehicles, offers Solar Roof solar skull, as well as Powerwall energy storage systems for houses and industrial storage of Tesla Megapack. Energy storage systems are also offered by many smaller firms, such as Generac, which sells back-up power sources and generators, as well as by Fluence Energy, which stores energy.

==Career=="Hester described these small companies in an interview with The Verge." GM stated that it was planning to sell one million electric vehicles by 2025, and each of their owners, according to Hester, is also a potential client of GM Energy.

GM Energy will consist of three divisions: Ultium Home, Ultium Commercial and Ultimum Charge 360, which is already implementing the company ' s electric charging network programme. The unit will offer a number of products, including bidirectional charging equipment, vehicle-to-house data transmission equipment, fixed storage facilities, solar panels, software applications, cloud technology, control tools, micronet solutions and hydrogen fuel cells.

GM has previously collaborated with PG&E from California in the implementation of a "car-net" technology that allows the use of large capacity batteries not only to power electric vehicles, but also as back-up batteries for the home network. GM also works with Con Edison, Graniterock and New Hampshire Electric Cooperative on similar projects.

With regard to solar energy, GM will join forces with SunPower in San José to sell solar panels and home energy storage devices to private customers. SunPower and other partners will supply and install solar panels, and GM will develop additional software for this.

Unlike Tesla or Volkswagen, GM does not yet have its own electric vehicle charging network, and is now partnering with EVgo to build a network of Ultium 360 charging devices installed in truck parking lots.

However, it will take time to launch new products. GM is now continuing to test the V2H service in partnership with PG&E for a small number of domestic consumers in California, planning to expand home ownership in early 2023 and its solar panels and other products will not be available until 2024.