Doing a DDoS attack or hacking a social media account made it easier for hackers to lower their rates

Doing a DDoS attack or hacking a social media account made it easier for hackers to lower their rate

According to Positive Technologies, cyber attacks are now discussed more in media than in cyber crime forums, and over the past year the number of hacker offers in Telegram has increased dramatically, resulting in a drop in prices, reports RBC.

According to Positive Technologies, the cost of the DDoS attack for 24 hours is now $40. 323 public channels and groups in Telegram with over 1 million subscribers were analysed.

In 2021, BI.ZONE priced hacker services: hacking the VKontakte account was worth between $14 and 12,000, the Telegram account was between 30,000 and 170,000 rubles, and the WhatsApp account was between 20,000 and 130,000 rubles.

The cost of harmful software has also been reduced. According to a research analyst, Positive Technologies, Catherine Semykina, over the past four years, the cost of harmful encryption software has fallen about 27 times, from $270 to $10.

The tool for confusing the code is $20 to $100. The price of extortion software is tens of dollars.

An analyst called Telegram's popularity among villains the fact that it's easier to create anonymous accounts, and in four years the bad guys have written a lot, the product has become less unique, and even low-skilled hackers can collect the bad guy to sell it online.

In the second quarter of this year, over 27,000 hacker posts were placed in Telegram, 2.5 times more than during the same period last year.

According to the experts, hackers began to move into mass media from cyber-crime forums after several major forums were hacked because of vulnerabilities in 2020–2021. Most of the messages in the messengers concern user data, including its sale, 29% deal with different cyber-crime services, 15% deal with harmful software, 3% talk about vulnerabilities and explodings, 1% deal with problems of access to corporate networks.