The Intel Core i3-13100 processor appeared in the CPU-Z database with four kernels and a base frequency of 3.4 GHz

The Intel Core i3-13100 processor appeared in the CPU-Z database with four kernels and a base freque

===Intel Core i3-13100===Intel Core i3-13100, which is part of the Raptor Lake chip series, was released in the CPU-Z Validator database. The Chip has not yet been officially released, but the leak has made its main technical features known.

At the end of last month, Intel introduced senior models of Raptor Lake processors, scheduled for release on October 20, and in the long run, the company will also release younger models of the 13th generation Core. They will have reduced energy consumption and will not receive manual acceleration support. One such model will be Intel Core i3-13100.

According to CPU-Z Validator, the processor carries four physical kernels on board and supports eight virtual streams. It is important to note that the chip has only high-performance kernels. It has no small energy efficient Gracemont kernels. The processor was tested on a Gigabyte B660 Gaming X motherboard with a DDR5-4800 memory.

According to the additional description, the basic frequency of the processor is 3.4 GHz. By comparison, the Core i3-12100 model of the previous generation Alder Lake has a basic frequency of 3.3 GHz and is capable of automatically increasing it to 4.3 GHz. On this basis, it can be assumed that the CPU-Z Validator database has received information about an engineering sample of Core i3-13100, and a consumer version of the processor can offer a higher base frequency.

According to VideoCardz, according to leak data, Core i3-13100 will have a declared energy consumption of 60 W. The leaks previously claimed that the younger models of the Raptor Lake family processors could use Alder Lake crystals. In other words, the same Core i3-13100 would be a refresh version of Core i3-12100.

Intel is expected to present smaller models of Raptor Lake processors either at the end of this year or early next year. Together with the announcement of new models of processors, the company is also expected to present new chipsets for H770 and B760 motherboards.