The biggest iPhone assembler has shown the electric hatchback Model B that will be released in the U.S

The biggest iPhone assembler has shown the electric hatchback Model B that will be released in the U

Foxconn electric vehicles under the Foxtron brand were first shown in the fall of last year, and the range was the Model C crossover, the Model E sedan, and the Model T electricbus, which were to start conquering the market with Taiwan. This month the Foxtron brand demonstrated the appearance of its most compact electric car, Model B, which will be assembled not only in China but also in the Ohio state, which Foxconn bought from Lordstown Motors last year.

As in the case of other Foxtron passenger electric vehicles, Hatchback Model B was created on the MIH platform of Foxconn, and Yulon Motor was the developer and producer. The designer of the car was the famous Italian Pininfarina Hotel, a traditional designer. The good length of the wheel base is combined with short swings, which combines the good capacity of the salon with good mechanicality and geometric passageability. This is characteristic of many electric vehicles that do not have the compute restrictions imposed by the presence of DVS and the classical elements of the transmission.

Announcer Foxtron Model B is scheduled to be released on October 18, but it is expected that the cost of the electric car will be kept within $30,000. The electric car will first be sold in the Chinese assembly version, and the production in Ohio will be installed in 2024. Let's recall, by buying the Lordstone Motors company from Lordstown, Foxconn has expressed its willingness to collect not only the same-name electric pickup trucks but also the electric cars of other stamps. In 2024, in addition to Foxtron Model B, the site will be used for a contract assembly of Fisker Pear crossovers. The company will be able to produce up to 500,000 electric vehicles every month, so the terminal will have a location for several models.