"Alice" from Yandex learned to recognize family members and to remember their interests

"Alice" from Yandex learned to recognize family members and to remember their interests

The voice assistant, who is just five years old, has been given new opportunities, and Alice now knows how to distinguish between the voices of family members, shape individual music, and allow everyone in the home to run a smart house.

In the previous version of the assistant, the interests of family members were taken into account by combining the musical collections of each of their favorite compositions, sometimes resulting in a mix of genres that no one liked. In the new version, the smart column learned to remember and recognize the owners by voice and to form personalized sentences.

In order to add all members of the family, we need each of them to download Home with Alice's app. You can ask up to five people to run the system, including the owner of the device. After downloading, the family members must get to know Alice so that she can record and remember their voices. A detailed but simple instruction is posted on the voice assistant's link website.

After completing the setup, Alice will be able to know by the voice who's looking at it and forming individual collections based on personal preferences, and if someone says, "Alice, I like it," the track will be added to his personal lists.

Alice's column is a family matter. Moms and dads, teenagers, and older people talk to her. Everyone has their own musical habits, so it's so important that Alice gets to know by the voice of all family members.

In addition to listening to their own favorite music, using Home with Alice, family members will be able to control all smart house devices, which means that it will no longer be necessary to wait for the owner of the device to launch, for example, a robot vacuum cleaner, so that everyone can start cleaning.