PC deliveries in the third quarter collapsed by almost 20%, calculated by Gartner's experts

PC deliveries in the third quarter collapsed by almost 20%, calculated by Gartner's experts

It was worth stating to IDC specialists that in the third quarter, the volume of supplies of PCs, laptops and workstations decreased by 15 per cent in annual comparison, as their colleagues at Gartner reported a more significant reduction of 19.5 per cent, which is the strongest quarterly fall since the mid-1990s, when such statistics were started.

It should be explained that statistics from this source include desktop PCs and laptops managed by Windows, macOS and Chrome OS, which do not include workstations. According to Gartner data, the volume of PC supplies in the third quarter decreased from 84.5 million to 68 million, while IDC refers to 74.3 million copies of PCs and workstations.

As in the case of IDC statistics, the most affected was HP Inc., which remained second in the ranking of the largest PC producers, reduced their supply by 27.9% compared to last year. Apple, whose supply of PCs and laptops declined by 15.6% in the third quarter, although the IDC mentioned a significant increase in this direction. According to the Gartner version, was the least affected by ASUS, whose supply declined by only 7.5% to 5.6 million. The market leader remains Lenovo with a share of 25.2%, but the manufacturer also reduced the volume of deliveries by 15.3% compared to the third quarter of last year.

The U.S. market shows a decline in PC sales for the fifth quarter in a row, and last quarter's sales fell by 17.3%. It's noteworthy that when laptops pulled statistics down, desktop systems in the U.S. market showed an increase in sales. It seems that delayed demand in the corporate segment of the market has had a positive impact. Large companies and businesses have also reduced the amount of laptop purchases, but the middle- and small-scale business sector has not yet been satisfied.

In the third quarter, the demand for PCs in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa declined by 26.4%. 17 million PCs and laptops were sold here. This is only the third case of quarterly decline in sales in the region since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. The Chinese market almost recovered from the extended locodowns of spring and summer, but the third quarter statistics were affected by the decline in sales of PCs and laptops by 16.6%. Japan is not part of this macroregion in the Gartner version.