Windows 11 has so far installed only 3% of users and 2.5% of business clients

Windows 11 has so far installed only 3% of users and 2.5% of business clients

According to a study conducted by IT experts from Lansweeper, it has only been installed on 3% of user computers since the release of Windows 11.

It turns out that one year after their official release, Windows 11 is not as popular as Microsoft probably would have wanted. Experts analysed data from 27 million Windows-controlled devices -- according to the data of the end of September, Windows 11 is actually only 3 percent of them, if they are user versions, and 2.5% of business computers.

In other words, Windows 11 has yet to be exceeded by at least Windows 7, first introduced in 2009, with user versions that have not been supported for more than seven years — an old LO that today can boast of comparable installation indicators.

Windows 10, which is installed at more than 80% PCs, is still an unconditional leader. Although it is possible to update the 11th version free of charge, many devices simply do not meet stringent system requirements. One of the most important obstacles is Microsoft's formal requirements for the processor used, the "official" permitted installation is limited to CPU Intel 8 generations or later, and the corresponding AMD equivalents. In other words, many PCs are over 3 or 4 years old.

A study by Lansweeper, in which more than 60,000 organizations participated, showed that less than 60% of computers were automatically updated, which would make it very difficult for the operating system to continue.

The numbers have improved slightly compared to a similar study conducted last year, but they are clearly insufficient for Microsoft. According to Lansweeper, if computers are upgraded at the current rate, all business PCs will be compatible with Windows 11 only by 2026. However, Microsoft has resorted to the traditional blackmail that characterizes software companies: support for popular Windows 10 will cease in October 2025. However, Microsoft itself has repeatedly shifted such endlines in the past.