Maternal fees at AMD B650 and B650E for Ryzen 7,000 were sold at $160

Maternal fees at AMD B650 and B650E for Ryzen 7,000 were sold at $160

AMD previously promised that the cost of the B650 and B650E motherboards for the Ryzen 7000 processors would start with $125. According to VideoCardz, the first payments on these chips of system logic had already appeared in various stores, but their price was higher.

The most accessible offers now start with $160. However, it is very difficult to find them. For example, one of these offers is the Gigabyte B650M DS3H model. Most models are offered at a price of about $200.

In the range of the major U.S. online shop, Newegg's most available offer is the ASRock B650M Riptide model. The Microsoft-ATX cost is estimated at $170. However, it will not be available before the end of October. Other models are estimated at $200 and can be ordered now. Other U.S. stores, such as BestBuy and Microsoft, offer the most affordable fees from $230.

The AMD B650 and B650E chipset charges are primarily designed to be used with the Ryzen 57600X six-nuclear processor and the 8-nuclear Ryzen 777000X with a value of $299 and $399 respectively, so buyers need to spend at least $450 to switch to a new platform, and this does not take into account the cost of DDR5 that would also have to be purchased -- the new DDR4 processors are not working with the old DDR4.

In the European retail, the prices of the AMD B650 chipsets start with Y209. And the most expensive payment so far is ASRock B650R Taichi, the cost of Y569.