Samsung has opened up access to Tisen OS outside smart TV manufacturers

Samsung has opened up access to Tisen OS outside smart TV manufacturers

Samsung Electronics announced collaboration with television manufacturers, including Atmaca, HKC and Tempo, where the latter will be able to use Samsung Tizen OS on their televisions. These companies will be able to disseminate such solutions in Australia, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom this year.

Note that, as early as last year, Samsung announced a licensing program for Tisen TV Platform Listing at the Samsung Developer Conference event, which allows manufacturers other than Samsung Electronics to benefit from the smart functions of Tisen OS.

In order to make the introduction of Tisen OS on outside TV more successful, Samsung is working with partners to license content and optimize hardware, and will have access to many smart ecosystem capabilities previously unique to smart Samsung TVs. However, Samsung specifies that many opportunities will depend on the country of television sales: from free strimming of television programmes and films in the Samsung TV Plus service to the Universal Guide guide, which provides a quick and convenient search of content with personal recommendations. Finally, the Bixby Voice Assistant will provide additional support to users in the management of smart televisions.

Since Samsung joined with Linux Foundation in 2012, the Tisen OS platform has grown markedly and is now being used by some 200 million people from 197 countries with compatible Samsung smart TVs.

According to Samsung, 2022 was a landmark year not only because Tisen OS was accessed by other producers, but also because this year the operating system celebrates its tenth anniversary.