Starfield scale source: Bethesda's record number of people

Starfield scale source: Bethesda's record number of people

Starfield's previous projects from Bethesda involved more than 500 developers, and a former studio artist, Nate Purquipile, spoke to PKGamesN journalists.

Nate Purquipile has made it clear that the incredible scale of Starfield is the most important thing that distinguishes the game from other Bethesda projects. For example, in the case of Fallout 3, Skyrim and Fallout 4, the development was carried out by a single studio.

Procedural generation is used in the creation of 1,000 planets that players will explore in Starfield. Purquipile did not go into the technical details of the implementation of this design, but noted that the biggest problem was the development of a huge amount of detail for a new fictional universe.

PCGamesN journalists also recalled that the game would have the largest amount of content made by hand compared to previous Bethesda projects, and that developers would be able to land at any point on more than 1,000 planets in a hundred star systems.

Starfield is created for PC. The exact release date is not announced.