Starlink's gonna give 5G to regular phones right out of orbit

Starlink's gonna give 5G to regular phones right out of orbit

The competition for providing high-speed Internet from space is increasing. Link, a rival of SpaceX, Ilona Maska, proposes the use of satellites to host the 5G base stations. The first test with an unnamed telecommunications operator will take place in December 2022.

Lynk is still behind the competition in terms of the number of satellites, but in contrast has already obtained a patent for high-speed Internet access from space. The experimental payload will be launched on the second commercial Lynk satellite in December and tested with an unnamed mobile partner.

According to Via Satellite, Lynk had already tested the connection between the satellite and the telephone last year, and the company was rapidly expanding the range of services provided in an effort to get ahead of competitors.

This test will demonstrate the possibility of sending the 5G signal from space to standard mobile devices on Earth.

Service 5G provides a higher capacity for access to communication networks. Such speeds are needed to support the Internet of things and the growing volume of smart devices in various industries. Private space companies are actively competing for remote and rural access to the network. The Link patent allows the orbital station to connect to standard 5G devices in 55 countries.