There's a trailer for a movie about the construction of a megacolor around the Earth

There's a trailer for a movie about the construction of a megacolor around the Earth

The creator of the recent viral video, Sky Cruise Hashem Al-Gylie, returned with an artistic science fiction film called "Orbital", and a new film on the construction of a massive ring around the Earth will be published in 2023.

Like most short videos of Berlin's biotech on scientific discoveries that have gained billions of views online, part of the new film is made by Hasham Al-Gaili himself. The content author emphasizes that the creators of the twenty-first century digital content can use many accessible tools to "make the film themselves".

More than 90% of the work on Al-Gylie's film is doing and involving friends in the scenario review process. After a few days of off-site filming, he spends the rest of his time alone working on impressive visual effects. He said that he learned how to create them, mostly through free online courses.

The feedback on visual effects in the first trailers was extremely positive — over 1.2 million viewers viewed them on YouTube, and commentators compared them to top-notch studio science fiction films.

The author of the film had previously published a 360-degree model of the orbital ring, which he himself created and shared with 33 million social media subscribers.

So far, orbital rings are hypothetical structures surrounding the planet; in fact, their construction would take a stunning distribution of materials, cloudy costs and incredibly long time.

In the long run, such massive rings could be rotated against gravity; development would be useful in launching spacecraft and transporting materials from Earth into space; and the film Hasham Al-Gaili creates a conflict between the Earth's population and the inhabitants of the huge rings.