The premises in Scotland began to heat up the dancers

The premises in Scotland began to heat up the dancers

In the artistic space of SWG3, Scotland has come up with a solution to the energy crisis, and a system has been installed in the gallery that generates energy from the heat of the bodies on the dance floor.

The heat of the dancers is transmitted through the carrier liquid to wells 200 m deep, which can be charged as a thermal battery, and which are returned to the heat pumps if necessary and returned to the art space.

When you start dancing at the average speed of Rolling Stones or something like that, you can generate 250 W. And if you have a DJ that turns bass parties and makes everyone jump up and down, you can generate 500 - 600 W of thermal power.

The new system uses energy from all visitors to clubs, concerts and exhibitions, reports in the art gallery of SWG.3 The energy collected is stored in 12 underground wells and then used for heating or cooling the room. The gallery notes that the new system has cut off the gas boilers, which is estimated to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 70 tons per year.

The cost of the plant was just over £600,000.