Tesla will release the first electric truck in 2022: 800 km per charge

Tesla will release the first electric truck in 2022: 800 km per charge

Ilon Mask reported that the development of electric semi-trailers from Tesla had been completed. The company plans to deliver the first batch of Pepsi's order in December of this year. Since its launch in 2017, the company has called Semi the future of freight transport and has promised a brand-new electric vehicle.

Tesla Semi is equipped with three independent engines that provide an instantaneous torque at any speed. This will help truckers to maintain the flow rate on any route. Even when fully loaded, Tesla promises to run up to 100 km/h in just 20 seconds and to keep the speed stable, even if the roads have steep slopes.

In a new electric truck from Tesla, the driver is at the centre of the cab. The company believes it provides a better view of the road and reduces the risk of accidents. Tesla promises that the truck will be able to drive 805 km on a single charger and restore up to 70 per cent of the batteries in half an hour when connected to the Semi special charge stations.

Tesla also stresses the low cost of owning his electric trucks, and the company estimates that it will be 2.5 times cheaper to refuel than diesel analogs, and during the first three years, the owner will save up to $200,000 in fuel, and the truck itself will cost about $180,000.

In 2017, Pepsi reserved 100 first trucks to reduce emissions and transport costs.