The EU will find out how the takeover of the Activation Blizzard by Microsoft will affect the competition's game business

The EU will find out how the takeover of the Activation Blizzard by Microsoft will affect the compet

Anti-monopoly regulators of the European Union, considering a deal to purchase Microsoft from Activision Blizzard, have initiated a survey of players in the game market, which is designed to detect a potential blockage of technology competitors' access to popular games from the Activision portfolio.

According to Reuters, regulators are expected to make a preliminary decision on the possibility of a deal by November 8, when the $69 billion purchase is likely to be approved. The planned purchase is the largest in the game industry and will help Microsoft to compete better with giants like Tencent and Sony. After the decision is made next month, the European Commission will begin a more in-depth study of the details of the deal for a period of four months, which is scheduled to close in fiscal year 2023.

According to regulators, Microsoft competitors are also questioning whether an American technogiant will gain added value in the design, publication and distribution of computer, console and other games by acquiring a large array of user data.

It is known that game developers, publishers and distributors were asked whether the deal would affect their negotiating positions related to the terms of sale of games for consoles and PCs through Microsoft Xbox and the cloud-striming service Game Pass.

Regulators also wanted to know whether after the deal there would be enough alternative content providers on the market, and how the situation would be if Microsoft decided that the Activivision games would be exclusively available only through Xbox Games Pass and cloud tremors.

It has been requested whether such exclusive offers will provide the benefits of the Windows operating system over competitive LOs, and whether the addition of Activsion services to the PC operating system, cloud platforms and game-related software tools will have the benefits of the video game industry.

The questionnaire, which includes about 100 questions, should be answered by 10 October.