Liquid nitrogen made it possible to disperse Intel Core i9-139000K to 8.2 GHz

Liquid nitrogen made it possible to disperse Intel Core i9-139000K to 8.2 GHz

Intel Central CPUs of the Raptor Lake family will start selling on October 20th, and Intel held an event prior to the start of sales of these processors, and an invited enthusiast with the pseudonym Splave was able to disperse the flagship model Core i9-139000K to 8.2 GHz using a liquid nitrogen tank to cool down.

Let us recall that Core i9-13900K is a 24-nuclear processor with 32 streams and a maximum automatic acceleration frequency of 5.8 GHz. Chip has 16 energy-efficient E-cores and eight powerful P-cores. One of the latter just managed to decouple to 8.2 GHz, while the rest worked at 5.7-6.3 GHz. The experiment involved the ASRock Z790 Taichi motherboard, the pressure on the processor was raised to 1.824 V and the liquid nitrogen cooled to minus 193 degrees Celsius.

This frequency can only be considered as a model record, as Cedar Mill's Intel Cellon D-generation processors have for quite some time won 8.5 GHz frequencies under similar conditions, and this result has made it possible to reach the top five in HWBot. And the absolute frequency champion is AMD FX-8370 with a result of 8.72 GHz.

So Core i9-13900K's 8.2 GHz isn't even in the top 20 of the world's absolute rating, especially since the video from the last filmed frequency in the CPU-Z was a 8.0 GHz, then the system lost stability and went to the blue screen.

Compared to the competing Ryzen 97950X, the Intel Core frequency is impressive because the AMD processor under liquid nitrogen was able to detach only to 7,472 MHz, although it maintained not only sixteen kernels but also thirty-two streams. In the case of Core i9-13900K, the multi-accuracy has been disabled. On the other hand, Core i9-12900KS, which can be considered the fastest model of the last generation, took over 7600 MHz at the beginning of last month with 16 kernels and 24 streams, so the additional 600 MHz frequency has shown a marked increase in potential at any rate.