Pay to race: "A brand-new" campaign structure and other details Need for Speed Unbound

Pay to race: "A brand-new" campaign structure and other details Need for Speed Unbound

The IGN portal, in its exclusive material, shared new details of the open-world racing arcade Need for Speed Unbound from Electronic Arts and the developers of Criterion Games.

Let us recall that Need for Speed Unbound events are taking place in Lakeshore, where players will have to get away from the cops and participate in weekly skills to get to the main street race, the Grand Rise.

According to the creative leader, Kieran Crimmins, Unbound will suggest that every race in the game involves an introductory contribution, and it will only be possible to break the bet if it succeeds.

Races will raise the level of interest of the police in the main hero, and it will be possible to get away from persecution even if the search scale is complete, but for that to happen, you need to know.

The game will make it possible to control how aggressive the cops will be at one point or another, and the developers have added a police scanner and a detection mechanic to help gamers avoid meeting the law.

NFS Unbound tells the story of two friends on different sides of the law who were robbed by a family car shop, the ultimate goal of the player is to win the Grand Rise.

, – outlined the main tasks of the Crimmins developers.

In the Need for Speed Unbound multiplayer, players will be able to travel around the world and meet with friends. The online mode will include a banner system that will allow them to boast about their images and achievements.

Crimmins also confirmed that Need for Speed Unbound will receive a number of free content patches with new functions and classes after release. Details will be shared soon.

Among other things, Need for Speed Unbound promises in the history of the Criterion racing games, as well as 4K and 60 frames/s on consoles.

The NFS Unbound is expected to be released on December 2, this year on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X and S. Previously Electronic Arts revealed the system requirements and technical features of the PC version.